San Diego: Girls Weekend.

Jan. 26 – 27, 2013

Road tripped to San Diego for a day and a half. Much fun, laughter, eating, dancing, gossiping, and exploring ensued. Met up with both my UCSB friends that now reside in SD and inevitably introduced them to each other as well. The successful trip ended with delicious desserts at an amazing place: Extraordinary Desserts. The $17 on desserts (not all of it was for me, I swear!) was well worth it.

Coronado Island. Hotel del Coronado. The “Jedi Academy shower” in the Westin at Gaslamp. Shouthouse. Tipsy Crow. Rain. British guys in line. Eventful experience at Searsucker. Random Irish pub. Walking to a rooftop bar, only to find that it was closed due to weather. Travel Outfitters in Gaslamp. Delicious breakfast at a French cafe. Gianduia hazelnut ice cream, chocolate dulce de leche heath bars, and a giant coconut macaroon.

This is the life.

Coronado Island Gauchos Shouthouse!

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