I absolutely love green tea.

It took me 22 years and a trip to Japan to finally get into drinking green tea, which is extremely good for your health.

I’m now addicted.

I had three cups in one day yesterday (one with every meal). Even though it didn’t help my energy levels, it tasted delicious. Mmmmm. I hear that in NZ, you can add milk to tea (gross, since that seems too Asian-esque as milk tea), but I’m glad to hear that tea is widely accepted there as well.

On another completely unrelated note (or I guess I could attempt to relate this), I’ve had two amazingly in-depth conversations with two of my best friends this week. One who is miles away and one who is local. Both are pursuing their dreams, keeping at it, and optimistic about the future. Regardless of the fact that one conversation was two hours over the phone and one was in person over dinner, it’s amazing how much my spirit was lifted just by listening to both of them talk about their present and future plans. I have so much love and admiration in the world for my friends… I strongly believe in destiny and the fact that everyone comes into and out of your life for a good reason, and these friends are just two examples of how blessed I am to have such an incredible support system. In all honesty, without my friends, I’d be nothing.

In essence, green tea can serve as a metaphor for my friends– my first two years of college were huge lessons in life for me in regards to my social hermit persona and inability to break out of my shell. Once I got into the swing of things, I hit the ground running in my last year of college (and best year of my life to date) and never looked back. Friendships, like green tea, are extremely healthy– true friendships are the ones that keep you strong and motivated to pursue through everything and anything. Not to say that I was ever hesitant to “try” friendships– it’s just interesting how it took me awhile to open up to people and make friends in college (similar to how people test out the cold ocean water by only dipping a toe in at first).

I guess I’ve come a long way. I literally and metaphorically take the plunges on things now… I absolutely love the adrenaline of jumping into a pool or ocean full-force, not even testing it out at first. I am who I am, and I’ll never stop taking risks. Nothing, and no ONE, can stop me from following my dreams to explore the world and take this leap of faith by moving to a beautiful new country.


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