Week Recap

1. One of my best friends serviced a meeting for Disney Consumer Products and showed me their new line of merchandise expected to hit Target this summer. I nearly died when I saw the cute Pixar shirts they’re marketing… each had John Lasseter’s signature on the sleeve along with his trademark smiley face with glasses. Totally buying those when they hit shelves! Every single one. I’d flaunt that Pixar gear any day, no matter what country I’m in.

2. Found out that another best friend landed a job at her dream company in SF. Words can’t express how excited and proud of her I feel! Even though I’ll miss her, I’m so excited for her career and new chapter of life up north.

3. E-mails with my best friend from college: Priceless. ❤

4. A few things were purchased and planned out this week: April SF trip, June Neon Splash Dash 5K in Irvine, and four pole dancing classes. Life is meant to be exciting, so mine is no exception.

5. Friday night was the first girls movie night I’ve had in a loooong time. As in, probably since college (which is really sad). We watched Pitch Perfect, The Princess Diaries, and The Decoy Bride (absolutely awful despite the fact that David Tennant, my favorite Michael Urie, and the chick who also played Helena Ravenclaw and voiced Merida from Brave were in it). It was fulfilling and enjoyable, and I didn’t even fall asleep. The best part was that an adorable Corgi was running around the house. I love Corgis and probably will own one someday once (if) I settle down.

6. It’s been a month since I secured my working holiday visa for NZ. Time will only fly from here… 2013 is passing by quicker than I imagined. I’m really excited.


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