Eight more months.

Played netball with a lovely group of Kiwis and Aussies (yes, I know there’s a rivalry between them, but they’re all such marvelous people– I can’t help but say that I love BOTH) today. Never met any of them before in person. knew I could trust them and my instinct was right. They were all so down-to-earth and laidback. I can’t wait to be an honorary Kiwi in EIGHT MONTHS. Time is flying. ❤

Goal from now until Oct. 21: Play netball every Saturday morning with this Kiwis in LA group. I’d like to become skilled at netball so I can play in NZ…. it’s an amazing workout and I’ve never been good at sports, so it’s nice to challenge myself and be active for a change on a weekend morning. 😉

Watched “The Whale Rider”– at last! Such a beautiful film. Back when it was released, I never even thought about living there… it’s so interesting. Paralleled my walk past the Anaheim Marriott the other day; five years ago, I was walking past that same spot with our high school journalism staff for nationals. I remember waiting by the curb for our bus (which took forever) at night and all the shenanigans we were up to. I would have never guessed that a few years later, I’d be working with those off-site hotels at Disneyland. You just never know where life can lead you.

It’s getting harder and harder to concentrate on life here in California… actually, I think I tuned out of most things as soon as my Tokyo trip ended, since I KNEW I was moving to NZ at that point. Work drags. Researching the travel/tourism industry re-energizes me. I’m so blessed for everyone I have in my life right now, but I’m also so eager and ready to move on. Ready for change, new adventures, and to meet others who are as open-minded and eager to explore the world like me. I’m beginning to shy away from spending time with “friends” who are close-minded and not open to travel, since I’m finding that a lot of those people don’t even have ambition or the passion to chase their dreams. There’s nothing I’m more disgusted at than someone without ambition. I want people in my life who INSPIRE me. People who intrigue me the most are those who can speak about their experiences around the world, are humble, and most of all, are WILLING to up and move whenever and wherever. I was fascinated with the gal who heads the “Kiwis in LA” blog, since I’ve been in contact with her via e-mail… meeting her in person (as well as her Californian husband who happens to work at the same hospital I was born at) was so neat. I’m beginning to understand why it takes Kiwis awhile to warm up to Americans; so many of us are out of touch with things around the world. We’re stereotyped as selfish, busy-bodying, materialistic, ostentatious people (especially Californian girls). It’ll be so good for me to escape from America for awhile– away from the stupidity of Hollywood and celebrities being glorified, away from Botox-driven crazies, away from the fake, made-up beach/blonde girls, away from the addiction of freaking social media. I have a strong feeling that once I leave, I won’t want to come back. 🙂

I will say that LinkedIn and e-mail has helped me immensely and connected me to so many wonderful Kiwis already. I’m so thankful for that. But once I get to NZ, I’m going to focus on experiencing life firsthand in another country and not attached to social media, my phone, or even WordPress. There’s a purity of New Zealand that can’t be found in any other country, and I want to capture that through a handwritten journal when I get there.


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