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Networking. Laura!


Reunion with two core UCSB gals

(Picture unavailable since the photo was on both of their iPhones) Catching up for over two hours over brunch was priceless. The stories we shared about A.S., how much we missed college, dating, how the past two years since graduation have been a blur (and years keep flying)… it was one of those mornings/afternoons where I wanted to stop time, bottle that memory up, and have it stowed away so I could just replay it over and over again when needed. It feels so good– SO refreshing– to have talks like these with friends who actually have the same level (or even more) ambition, passion, dedication, and motivation to live out dreams and careers as wished. I do have a lot of friends, but I only have a select few who will get into in-depth talks about philosophy, life, careers, nostalgic memories, society, travels, etc. I’m disgusted and repulsed when some people just bring up stupid boy issues or gossip about Hollywood trends. Who cares? There are so many more important and meaningful things you can talk about when you haven’t seen someone in over a year or two, and these two girls really proved how valuable time is when we caught up. And the best thing is that it felt like nothing changed– sure, we dressed differently and are at different places in life, but our personalities meshed in the same perfect ways in college. Probably why we’re all still friends, as well….

StartingBloc Launch Party at Wokcano Santa Monica: Absolutely amazing.

Mission: StartingBloc exists to educate, connect, and inspire emerging leaders to drive social innovation across sectors. StartingBloc focuses on activating individuals, while simultaneously teaching a community approach to lasting change.

Home Page 2016

I love, love, love meeting new people– ESPECIALLY ones who are extremely accomplished and ambitious. This was definitely the most beneficial and fun networking event/party I’ve ever attended, since the bulk of mixers I’ve been to have been really tiny and sometimes awkward when no one knows how to approach introducing themselves. Aside from the fact that most of the people we met were entrepreneurs who began their own startup companies in college (no big deal, right?!), the one thing that stood out from everything else was how humble they all were. Not a shred of cockiness or condescending attitudes toward the “normal” ones outside. The most hilarious part was the dance floor and seeing all these accomplished individuals attempt to dance. Not to say that some couldn’t– there were definitely some who impressed, and that was just awesome! I’m really glad I attended this event, just because work and research can get really monotonous, and I tend to forget my main enthusiasm for life: connecting to other ambitious young professionals. After all, we ARE the face of the future. It was also neat to hear how these entrepreneurs were somewhat in the same transitional stage as my friend and I– no set future (who can really predict their future? You can plan as much as you’d like, but when it comes down to it, you need to just go with the flow and let life guide you the way it was meant to be, obstacles and all). Some liked what they did but longed to fulfill other interests, others wanted to get into completely different industries, one was in between jobs and trying to search for the right opportunity. No matter HOW much experience you have, how many companies you co-found, etc., it really comes down to your personal happiness and doing the right thing for yourself. Just because some of them were entrepreneurs in high school and are now CEOs of their own companies doesn’t mean they’re exactly satisfied with where they’re at in life. currently. Moral of the night was that I felt rejuvenated and inspired after that event rather than the usual feelings of intimidation and timidity after something like that. I need to surround myself with astoundingly creative and innovative people like this more often!

And in the end, I’ll probably remember the dude who visited NZ for 10 days and talked about how much I’ll love it out there and then danced (and hit on girls) with this iguana sock puppet. It all boils down to humility and being comfortable in your own skin. 🙂

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.


One of my best friends is moving to SF in two days and will be advancing her career in an amazing tech company. We’re all so extremely proud and excited for her, but also going to immensely miss her. Her passion for life, adventuring, party rocking (a term coined by her every time we went out and danced or drank the night away), mentoring, and doing good in the world is awe-inspiring. I don’t know if she’ll ever realize how much she has impacted my life in just the year we’ve known each other, but I’ll always know it in my heart. If there’s one thing that makes me just as happy as traveling, it’s seeing my friends progress and advance in their lives in such a way that allows them to continue pursuing their wildest dreams and highest aspirations. It’s sometimes rare to meet people as genuinely humble and good (through-and-through) as she is, so I’m really blessed to have met her and to continue our friendship as time goes on. Here’s to you, Laura! ❤

Also came across a gem of a travel blog– one of my personal favorites so far just because the layout, design, and content is just phenomenal. This young lady has traveled to over 32 different countries in 6 countries so far– and she hasn’t stopped! Talk about inspirational and driven. Finding treasures like these is just one more way for me to keep up my energy and enthusiasm for moving to a new country in the next eight months.

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