Zorbing, Beecake, Dapperness, and New Friends


Best friend bonding time and revisiting Ye Old Kings Head in Santa Monica. Nothing like quality BFF time. We could go months without seeing each other and still connect and talk as if we saw each other yesterday.


LA Times Travel Show with some amazing friends, two of which are my adventure pals that I can count on for anything in the world (you know who you are- I love you girls with all my heart. People like you re-energize me)! Met and conversed with the hilarious Chris Erskine (my favorite LA Times columnist), attended Rick Steve’s panel on his Europe travels, and talked to some British fellows who tried to convince me that the UK was better than NZ.

Chris Erskine

British exhibitor: “*in a British accent* Does Harry Potter make you go weak in the knees?” (cue laughter from me) The fact that he was attempting to hit on me was quite hilarious and so flattering as well.

I even tried out zorbing (rolling around in a giant hamster ball). FOR FREE. Check that off the bucket list!

Later that night, I almost died in LA by myself to attend Beecake’s concert at The Hotel Cafe, an intimate little venue. It was totally worth it, though. It really was. Aside from having to wait outside for 30 min. in the freezing cold, nearly having a heart attack while retrieving my car from a sketch alley parking lot, and being ticked off when I first entered the venue, it was a great night. My fear and frustration washed away immediately when I (literally) almost plowed into Dominic Monaghan, who was chatting it up with some friends. I awkwardly stood next to him and used my peripherals to judge whether or not I could go up to him and introduce myself… this lasted for about 5 min. or so until I finally scrapped that and interrupted his conversation to ask him for a photo. He was incredibly laid back and accommodating. Really curious about why and what I was doing out in NZ, which part I was moving to, and how everywhere in NZ “looked like rolling hobbit hills.” The fact that he made a hilarious face in one of my photos was simply precious.

Meeting Dom and Billy was surprisingly the least nervous I’ve ever been (despite how much I love LOTR). They’re the most humble, hilarious, and entertaining duo ever– here’s to hoping that they’ll someday debut their own film together (as they were expected to from all that commentary in the extended editions).

Beecake’s (by that, I mean Billy’s beautiful voice) performance was purely amazing. Billy Boyd possesses such strong talent and charm (probably the Scottish in him). He really commanded the stage with his snarky jokes, cute continuous remarks about buying his new CD and “shirts that make you look sexy” in the foyer of the venue, and witty comments. Even when he forgot the words to part of a song and audibly let us know that, he was perfect.


Loved the quaint, true cafe vibe of the venue- I know it’s going to be similar to that in NZ, which is awesome (and just my style). Billy’s eyes got huge when I told him about my NZ endeavors– seeing the reactions of Elijah and Billy by far have been my favorite when talking about moving to NZ. Still, nothing can top Elijah’s excited (and profane) remark to me. Beauty.

100% of all Hobbits:

Dream come true.

Dreamt that I lost my job at Disney and had to get a temporary one with AAA before I left for NZ. It was quite a nightmare. In the past few days, I’ve met two new people who are absolutely amazing– one who has traveled the world and I spontaneously befriended her since we both attended the Beecake concert alone, and the other who ALSO attended the Beecake concert (and is my friend’s girlfriend) but we weren’t able to spot each other in the crowd since we had never met each other in person before. I love geeks. They’re the types of people you can instantly become best friends with… ❤

On dreams coming true

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to work for Disney. At age 20, I was hired at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Ever since I watched Toy Story, John Lasseter was my hero (he still is) and I wanted nothing more than to work at Pixar Animation Studios. At age 21, I met John during our Cars Land press event in Disney California Adventure Park. Best day of my life.

Ever since I was 12 years old, I wanted to visit Middle-Earth. At age 23, I’ll be moving to those lands and living there for a year or more.

Ever since I first read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, I was obsessed with Harry Potter. At age 16, I met Dan, Rupert, and Emma (forever engrained in our minds as Harry, Ron, and Hermione).

Ever since I first heard about Magic Castle, I wanted to visit. At age 21, I had the opportunity to take my family and friends (and initiated contact with my now boyfriend that very same magical night). That was also the night my best friend and I were introduced to Justin Willman, possibly the coolest and hippest magician/actor/comedian/TV host around. We met him a few months ago in LA.

Ever since I saw the first Lord of the Rings film, I was in love with all the Hobbits. At age 22, I met all four Hobbits in a matter of three months (based on sheer luck and no fear to approach and talk to them). I also met Richard Taylor, the co-founder of Weta Workshop, and am in Twitter communication with one of the LOTR executive producers.

I wanted to be a plethora of different things over the years: Princess, lawyer, orthodontist, optometrist, entomologist, inventor of dog toys, journalist, editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, press agent, publicist, talent manager, production assistant, and now a travel writer/blogger/world explorer. I’ve lived out many of these dreams in one form or another through Halloween costumes, journaling about my goals, applying for internships in these fields, telling the respective individual in that specific occupation that I wanted to be like them when I grew up… and now, living by doing, experiencing, and going for it.

I’m incredibly blessed and fortunate to have forged friendships with some of the greatest people on earth and to have met almost all of my heroes. There are two types of people in this world: those who dream yet never live out those dreams, and those who dream and do everything in their power to achieve those dreams and never let anything get them down while pursuing them, no matter how ridiculous or stupid others think they are. I’m the latter.

What are YOU?

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