Dedicated to My Best Friend from UCSB

I figured I could double blog in one day, since my best friend from college is always inspiring me and motivating me in more ways than she knows. 🙂 We’re approximately 360 miles away (5 hours, 28 min) from each other but we’ve somehow managed to keep in touch weekly and sometimes daily through social media and e-mails (and the eventual phonecalls/Skyping). To describe her in a nutshell, she’s a ferocious beast– a WONDERFUL one who is fearless, always up for adventure, and constantly challenging me through her advice and outlooks on life. It’s safe to say that I’ve copied a few of the stuff she’s done (i.e. skydiving, pole-dancing, running a lot more) since she’s a hero to me in many ways.

“My friend likes anything that involves signing a death waiver.”

(my BFF’s friend, describing her)

We’re soul sisters. We only met a few months before I actually graduated, but we’ve enhanced and strengthened our friendship in the past 2+ years we’ve known each other in such a way that makes it seem possible for any long-distance relationshippers to have hope. We both happen to share the EXACT same outlook on relationships, dating, networking, maintaining friendships, etc., which is probably why we get along so well. We’re both “adrenaline junkies” at heart, too. We love living life on the edge, to its fullest, and always looking for new thrills… cliff diving, jumping out of planes, bouncing off the walls, you name it. We really don’t get any face time together (we barely even got it in SB since we were both busy in our respective lives), but we live vicariously through each other’s photos and e-mails. And she inspires me more than I could ever wish to inspire her, so it’s amazing to know I have such strong support from her no matter what I do. ❤

Her awesome life has involved some of the following (I could brag about her forever, but I’ll just pick my favorites):

  • She has ridden as a passenger in a super spiffy racecar at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (she’s badass enough to have driven it herself, I know it)
  • Pole-dancing classes. She inspired me to sign up for classes!
  • Broadway shows like Rock of Ages
  • Fun run 5Ks that inspired me to start signing up for some
  • She is a true Yogini (look it up if you don’t know what this is– it takes SECONDS to Google). She does aerial yoga and defies gravity– how awesome is that?!
  • She climbs on monkeybars, does flips on jungle gyms, cartwheels, does quick build back arches whenever she pleases, etc.
  • She is an avid, pro runner and is probably the most fit, in-shape friend I have. I love her.
  • She is constantly outdoors.
  • She participated in a flashmob on Valentine’s Day (for a wonderful cause as well).
  • She’ll climb anything- the high ladder to success to a literal high ladder. She’s such a cool adventurer.
  • She goes hiking AND bouldering. HOW COOL IS THAT.
  • She constantly hangs out with friends. She understands me when I say that friends are the best medicine to a bad day…
  • Even when sick, she manages to be productive with her time and networking! This girl… amazing.
  • She skydived and learned fencing in SB.
  • She has been to an Oktoberfest.
  • She volunteered for a pretty sick fashion show in SF.
  • She frolics in the wilderness- forests, jungles, ya know. No big deal. We’re totally gonna have our own travel adventure company someday…
  • She did a 50-mile breast cancer awareness bikeathon.
  • She made a beautiful dress (actually, she made two different ones) out of magazine covers and wore it to a party. It was amazing.
  • She loves heights. We’re so meant to be best friends.

Bet you all wish you had a best friend as cool as mine! 😉 I’m sure you all do… mine just happens to be my soul sister. ❤ And I light up whenever I see her daily Instagrams of her adventures and all the awesome outdoor adventures she has.

Thanks for everything, Jenn. You’re probably the only loyal reader of this crazy blog, anyway! 🙂 You’re going to keep me sane in NZ… you really are. And one day, we are going to be roommates abroad! We’ll look back on our UCSB memories as our glory days but we both have amazing futures ahead of us, and I’m honored to watch you grow and thrive with each passing day.

Best friends for life. ❤

2 thoughts on “Dedicated to My Best Friend from UCSB

  1. Am I totally lame for finding this post that was written over a year ago? Probably. It’s so nice to re-read all the nice things you wrote 🙂 It makes me miss you even more (if that’s even possible!). I seriously can’t wait to reunite in CA with you!


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