Childhood Reminiscing

Live each day as if it were your last.

For the most part, I’ve tried to fulfill this mantra each and every minute of the day (as my time here in the states counts down).

Today’s lunch was just a glimpse into why I’m so lucky to live the life that I do.

I lunched with a group out of my usual norm since we’re on a different floor from them– the perky, bubbly Grad Nite team. We talked about pogs, card games (like Egyptian Ratscrew), detention, benching, getting cards/sticks pulled (which indicated when one was misbehaving in class), the various things we did which resulted in punishment (live and ya learn), origami, paper stars, fortune tellers, the horrific fashion we had (“And one time, I bought a new pair of overalls for the school dance- accompanied with my new VELVET top!”), swingsets (and the things we did to try and make the swings go around the swingset), book fairs (MY FAVORITE), mancala, Chinese jacks, Chinese jumprope, Cat’s Cradle, paper football, dodgeball, kickball, getting hit in the head with sports equipment, being the ball monitor, the nap wakeup fairy, slide/clapping/hand games, Around the World (multiplication tables-style), DECA (and not knowing what it actually stood for), FBLA, ASB/USB, boy bands now making a comeback, band geeks, Apples to Apples versus Cards Against Humanity, etc. Reflecting on those memories was so priceless and uplifting. The laughter, “OHHHHHH!!!! I REMEMBER THAT!” shrieks when someone brought up another great childhood-ism, and ability to recall so many of these awesome memories was just pure genius. 🙂

And then a fellow coworker mentioned that he had a friend who bargained her way to get bungee jumping for free when she did it in the nude. Needless to say, I won’t be doing that– I’d much prefer jumping with all my clothes on, especially since I want to be able to showcase and look back on my video/photos without being embarrassed. 😉

A couple years down the road, I hope I remember reminiscing about my childhood… perhaps I’ll reminisce about planning NZ and this huge life change as well. (“Remember when I planned to move across the world in less than 10 months and was determined to follow my wildest dreams?”) As it is, I tend to reflect back on my college days a lot (my first two years were mainly spent in isolation, but my last year was the best ever), and I miss everything about the community and friendships I gained out there. I’m ready for new adventures and an even BETTER year than 2010-2011 brought, which was my last year of college, and the best year of my life thus far.

I’d like to think that 30-year old Debbi will be just as gutsy, adventurous, crazy, wild, and free as she is right now- maybe even more so than now! Here’s to hoping that 2013 and on will be the start of something new: To NZ and beyond. Exploring the world and never looking back.

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