Contiki Vacations

Memories aren’t created from the things you said you’d do. They’re built from
things you’ve done. The moments captured. The world discovered. The lifetime
seized. You only get one, after all. So you’ve got to make it count.
A journey with Contiki is a kaleidoscope of unexpected adventures, inspiring
places, lifelong friendships, brilliant stories and unforgettable memories.
But most of all, it’s living life out loud, utterly and completely.
No one wants to regret a chance not taken;
to sit on the sidelines, experiencing the
world through the status updates of friends.
We want to get out there & see it fi rst
hand. To live it and breathe it for the very
first time.

Met a lovely young lady who works in PR for Contiki Holidays at an OCPRSA YoPro networking event. Hearing her vouch for the fact that you need experience and immersion abroad in order to be better qualified for a career in the travel industry was incredibly uplifting, since this is the primary reason why I’m moving and working abroad. Contiki is all about the living for the moment & enjoying everything to the fullest with no regrets– something I abide by every day.

I read an article on Forbes that stated that the best way to network is to have a goal in mind… do you want to meet someone in particular, do you want to establish the foundations for new business relationships, etc.? In tonight’s case, I hit the ground running by listing out top travel companies I’m interested in working for someday, preferably one headquartered abroad.

And yet, who would have thought that Contiki is headquartered down the street from the Disneyland Resort… 😉

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