Goodbye, March

WonderCon Anaheim (3.30.13)

Even though WonderCon Anaheim [side note: if they branded it as “WonderCon Anaheim” rather than just “WonderCon” this year, does this mean it’s going to be held annually at the Anaheim Convention Center? Hmmmm] will never surpass SD Comic-Con, I’d say that this year’s volunteering experience was much, much better than last year’s. Especially since last year I was a loner, it was St. Patrick’s Day, and the rain just didn’t let up that day.

Here’s why I consider myself a winner at this year’s WonderCon:

  • Had my best friend to hang out with the whole time and also was able to meet up with a new geeky friend
  • Explored the geeky showroom floor (never gets old). It’s like you come across different gems every time you walk up and down the various aisles… you never know just how much geek is goin’ on in the world until you come to one of these conventions. It’s every geek’s dream.
  • Met CJ Thomason spontaneously, who I tweeted all the time when he was in Harper’s Island. The fact that he recognized me (let alone knew that I was Debskittles), told me he thought about me being his publicist, and proclaimed that I was a Twitter celebrity (what?!) was probably one of the proudest moments of my life [SIDE NOTE: Sires Crown Eyewear is an eco-conscious fresh approach on customized frames for eyeglasses. CJ and his buddy Chris run the company:]
  • Finally got my hands on a Middle-Earth map that I’ve been wanting to frame and put up in my house for ages. It’s a little sad that I probably won’t be able to take it with me on my journey, but I could always buy one on a parchment scroll and roll it up with me… after all, I’m probably ordering Arwen’s Evenstar and the elven brooch soon. Let’s be real.
  • Whimsic Alley booth! DONE.
  • Ended up running into three different friends in one day: totally random and unexpected. Still really neat to see them again because it’s been awhile since I’ve seen any of them.
  • Cosplay– always fun to people watch. Always. I was disheartened that I didn’t see any LOTR-related costumes except for Gandalf, and I was also sad that nearly everyone thought I was Pocahontas (I guess I didn’t have elf ears, so it didn’t work that well).
  • Doctor Who. Doctor Who everywhere. I need to watch that show and also get into Sherlock.

After events like these, I always try to reflect on them and see what I learned… after this one specifically, it was just nice to know that there are thousands of geeks out there just like me who share the same passion for film, books, comics, etc. as me. I’m totally adding to my bucket list right now: Attend Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter conventions in the near future.


Easter with the Doctor (3.31.13)

Let’s be honest, Long Beach is practically my second home…. Naples and Belmont Shore, to be exact, which I don’t have a problem with (and it’s all thanks to my boyfriend). We walked around 2nd Street, explored Signal Hill, dined at La Creperie Cafe (MY FAVORITE!) and Sweet Jill’s Bakery, walked by the beach, house hunted for my friends, and even checked out Ripples, the gay bar I’ve been eyeing for the past year (gotta love me those gay bars- always a fun time). It’s crazy that I never went to LB much until I met my boyfriend there last June. It’s where our story began and where we continue it as well. And rather than spending Easter with my family, it was nice to get out and just explore with friends… I’m sadly on a really limited time schedule with my time in California so I might as well make use of every weekend possible. Visiting places like Long Beach reminds me how fortunate I am to live in such a beautiful state.

Networking and Enhancing Connections 

OC PRSA YoPro Mixer at JT Schmid’s was a great success this past week. Our board is the best!


AD 2 OC Mixer at 25 Degrees was also successful and a great night in Huntington Beach to meet new ambitious young professionals. Networking events are some of the most rewarding things in my life right now, especially since I’m job hunting for prospects in another country at the moment. It’s always so gratifying and humbling to know that nearly everyone my age wants more out of life and feels similarly to me as well. And it just so happens that one of the gals I was talking to is married to a guy who works at the same company as my dad… and he knows him (and he knows him really well). It’s a small world after all. No pun intended.


With it now being April, it’s a bit scary to know that I’m going to be in NZ in six months as of April 21st.

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