BFFs from Miles Apart

My college best friend and I live approximately 360 miles apart from each other.

Jenn was also the subject of a past blog post I spotlighted her in: She’s also the most adventurous, optimistic and bubbly friend that I have. Kindred spirits.


We’re soul sisters. When we don’t have the chance to reunite in person, we Vox, call, text, FB and e-mail. Thank goodness for the internet.

A couple weekends ago, she visited SoCal and stayed with me and my parents in Whittier… though I never thought much of my hometown, it was remarkable to see how excited she was to meet my parents and tour the area I grew up in. My dad taught her and her pals how to play his drumset, and I’m pretty sure he was thrilled that they were truly fascinated with learning (especially since I’ve never invested much time into this). Staying up late at night to talk and catch up with my bestie from college is one of the things that makes me happiest in life.

Touring my workspace at Disneyland, The Gypsy Den, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes, LACMA, an extremely ghetto McDonald’s… we crammed a ton of stuff into only 1.5 days we had together, and these are the memories I’ll never forget. She also happened to bring two items of clothing that I happened to match (almost identically) with, so we walked around LA as twins. Also, our beach day was well needed and totally a good option to get outdoors with her…

521273_10151286690721652_1509025497_n IMG_6400 IMG_6445 tumblr_mk6lgeCTqb1qd0njso1_500 IMG_6422IMG_6514

I love you so much, Jenn… can’t wait to flip flop and see YOUR town and the beauty of San Jose in a few weeks! 🙂

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