My Week in Words.

Monday (April Fool’s Day, although nothing fools-y happened): Toured Disney Consumer Products in Glendale with two of the loveliest CMs I’ve had the fortune to meet through networking last year. I can honestly say that their “Grand Central Avenue Creative Campus” is an impressive work of art (especially since all the construction and their giant courtyard complete with a fancy fountain intertwining spinning Mickey parts and other do-dads is now finished). I would thrive in an environment like this, since everything I saw was so inspiring and stimulating. The two DCP buildings are right next to each other and have a similar exterior to the beige/green theme of the ABC building in Burbank. Disney Publishing, Disney English, and Disney Interactive Media Group are all part of the campus, which is a lot bigger than one would expect when passing by. Walking onto the campus reminded me of walking by the Psychology and Engineering buildings at UCSB… totally resembled a large college campus, except that these buildings were probably 20 times cooler when you set foot inside. The DIMG lobby area had this beautiful artwork of classic Disney character silhouettes on the wall that lit up in a rainbow spectrum– really impressive. Totally jealous that they have a Starbucks and an extremely fancy cast commissary (complete with glass walls which give the building a more modern, clean edge).

I was most impressed by the interior of the DCP buildings, though… the themed wallpaper, beautiful pieces of art, a Marvel wall signed by Stan Lee himself (and of course, he would sign on Captain America, the first and best Avenger), Pixar art pieces, themed waiting areas with sofas, art books, colored pencils and paintbrushes, etc. The offices are also set up much differently than those I’ve seen at DLR and TWDS, mainly because of the sliding plexi glass doors they have to separate cube areas. I loved the intimate ambiance– they don’t use bright lights like we do (which is awesome, since I prefer low-lit, cafe atmospheres much more). And I definitely spotted some eye candy when walking around the building, especially since the demographics of their workplace is much younger. Their gigantic parking structure also makes me envious, since Anaheim just doesn’t have the capacity for an underground infrastructure like that. Sigh.

AND DCP is home to this cute Creative Resource Center (CRC) which resembles a modern hobbit hole filled with every Disney book, DVD, and Blu-Ray that you could ever imagine. I never knew that this library was apparently open to all Disney Cast Members…. something I should probably look into before I leave.


Checking this one off the Disney bucket list. Disney ABC Television Group, The Walt Disney Studios and Pixar Animation Studios are the other three campuses I’m hoping to get to before October rolls around. It really pays to have great relationships with awesome people.

Plug for Stage 10 Theatre Company: The (phenomenal, to put it lightly) Director of Internal Communications at DCP happens to be in this improvised soap opera, “The Rich and the Reckless,” a special show running for five weeks from April – May in Los Feliz, CA. I’ve heard rave reviews about this, and seeing that I’ve never been to an improv show, it would be silly for me not to attend. I highly encourage any of you to attend if you’re in California as well:

Tuesday: Tried chicken shwarma for the first time at Open Sesame in Long Beach. It be aiight. Nothing mind-blowing, which I was half-heartedly expecting, but at least I can say that I tried it.

Wednesday: Learned the beginnings of the art of DJing from a master himself, DJ Jason Jass. It truly opened my eyes to a new perspective on music, especially since I’m a huge fan of EDM— so much to the point that I’ve decided to take up DJing as a side hobby and passion. True, my interest in learning to DJ was inspired by Elijah Wood when I first saw him spin in 2010 at Amoeba Music in Hollywood. Since I’m not one to just sit back and watch it happen, I knew I had to get my hands on some software and start learning how to drop the bass and mix songs. I love experiencing things first-hand and I’m motivated to add this to my diverse skill sets when I arrive in NZ. After all, Elijah first learned to DJ in NZ at a bar called the Matterhorn. I’ve been using VirtualDJ (cheating, I know, since it’s an automated program that mixes for you) to acquaint myself with controls and how to mix/scratch/balance tempos. It’s fascinating, but definitely not easy. Practice and patience: all part of the game of life.


Check out DJ Jason Jass:

Thursday: Stayed up all night to edit this Prezi presentation I made in regards to my journey to NZ. It’s a work in progress since I intend to tailor it to each company I apply to (well, the ones I aspire to work in, at least… especially Weta).

*Note: Very cheesy and silly. Feedback always welcomed.

For those of you new to this whole concept, Prezi is basically PowerPoint on steroids– taking visual presentations to a whole new level with innovative templates, designs, rotations, slide transitions, etc. It’s every creative lover’s dream, much like Disney Consumer Products. Man, there’s a creativity theme running through this post…

Saturday/Sunday: NZ research weekend filled with Skyping my first contact in Australia, meeting up with two amazingly travel-oriented friends and practicing DJing. I’ve said this numerous times before, but the people that I admire most are those who have traveled the world (and I’m not talking “backpacking through Europe” or “vacationing through Shanghai” typical types). I’m talking about those who TRULY rough it in the outdoors… for instance, one of my good pals is currently trekking through South America, backpacking, motorbiking, and hiking his way through various areas.

His blog:

NZ is probably one of the safest, most beautiful countries to start out on a journey like mine. However, many have advised that I shouldn’t feel stuck there (similar to how I’ve lived in California for 23 years). I’m all about challenge, risk, and truly living life on the edge. I can picture myself traveling to Africa, South America, the Honduras, Iceland, or even Antarctica. I’ve re-evaluated my goals and might consider heading to SE Asia after NZ and Australia. Only time will tell.

Heck, my friend and travel guru told me about this research program in Antarctica, and it totally seems like something I’d look into:

Discovering Antarctica

After all, you need to design the life you want to live. You can steer yourself in the right direction and then be open-minded to any opportunities along the way, no matter how different they may be from your actual career path. This exact time last year, I was telling everyone how I was planning to stay with Disney for as long as possible. Now, I’m moving to a different country and hoping to travel the world for as long as I wish.  I want to turn my passion for travel into a full-fledged career and embrace all of life’s unexpected turns along the way.

“She turned her can’ts into cans and dreams into plans.”

This post is full of shameless plugs and links up the wazoo. Isn’t that what social media and the blogosphere are for, though? Sharing ideas with one another? After all, I love connecting to people, so if I can introduce others to some of the things in life that I’m most passionate and excited about, I’ll feel more like I’ve left this legacy behind.

And my first Skype interview with a position in NZ is tomorrow… Mt. Ruapehu Turoa Ski Area. Excited.


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