When everything falls into place…

You know something is meant to be when all the stars align and everything seems to happen in a Domino Effect. NZ, here I come.

Life is so amazing.

Here’s a peek into why my week has been crazily fantastic:

  • Offered a potential place to live in Wellington through a mutual connection. And the girl used to work for Weta and knows all those phenomenal peeps.
  • Met Jon Storbeck again
  • Spoke to Disney College Program kids about letting down your guard and fully putting yourself out there
  • Met a Senior Sales Director who traveled the world two yrs. ago and ABSOLUTELY loved NZ
  • Received incredibly encouraging messages from three Lord of the Rings-related/amazing contacts
  • Received my Evenstar necklace in the mail (and discovering that it glows blue in the dark)
  • Reunited with my bff, who makes me happier than anyone else 🙂
  • Was accepted into 85 Broads with the amazing
  • Gchatted with MySpace Tom (HAHAH SERIOUSLY? Seriously.)
  • Skype, Skype, Skype!
  • Reunited with Cars Land press event media group
  • Got a Wellington, NZ Disney nametag
  • Signed off to start scuba classes
Live life with no regrets. Seriously. ♥

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