Gauchos Do It Best

4/27 – 4/28/13: UCSB Alumni Weekend

This was my second time going back to UCSB for their alumni weekend… and it was even better than last year. From being in IV again, reunited with old friends, meeting established professionals from Google, Facebook, etc., brunching with my favorite communication professor and her family, eating some delicious noms throughout the weekend, and just taking in the beautiful air of sunny Santa Barbara again, it was so good to be back.

Speaking on a panel for UCSB’s Communication Career Day was such a neat experience, especially since I was surrounded by such ambitious and talented young professionals that I admired. Despite my cheesily-optimistic, go-getting attitude, I’d like to hope that I helped inspire at least one student this weekend though sharing my experiences. Only a few years ago, I was sitting in the audience of these career days looking pretty lost and overwhelmed by how much I wanted to do in such a short time before graduation. Now, to reflect back on my old college self and realize how much I’ve grown since then is truly remarkable, especially since we’re constantly learning, thriving and growing, sometimes even at a pace that surprises our own selves.

The Taste of UCSB event was fantastic, especially since this was the first one I have ever attended. Dozens of Gaucho chefs, brewers, caterers, and vintners came together to bring some of the most exquisite cuisine and beverages to students and alumni. Wining and dining for free wasn’t too shabby either, especially since my friend and I received complimentary passes. Yeeee.

Weekend trips to SB are always cut so short, but they’re beautiful little getaways. There’s nothing quite like the drive on PCH and wandering through familiar streets– such a chillax, calm atmosphere that is completely different from OC and LA.

I will always, always, always be proud to be a Gaucho, through and through. The anonymous UCSB Confession below sums up my thoughts perfectly:

262532_10151331210256652_1015900692_n 537807_10151329302691652_1557954166_n 644608_10151330448846652_463142919_n 923239_10151421805668730_2118502298_n

#1096 I’m a UCSB alumni (class of ’11) and I have had a love/hate relationship with this UCSB confessions page. I love it because it takes me back to my wonderful days in Isla Vista and I can vicariously relive my past through all you wonderful Gauchos. I hate it because..well..IV was paradise and I can PROMISE you that wherever you go after, NOTHING will be as amazing as what you guys are currently experiencing. 
This post wasn’t written to depress you. Instead, I just want you guys to take a breath and truly appreciate everything around you. The people, the beach, the school, the friendships, the activity, the weather, the girls, the yoga pants. I will never forget nor regret anything during my four years because I know I lived it to the fullest. All I am asking from you all is to do the same.

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