Kiwi Summer Lovin’

6/23/13: Kiwis in LA summer picnic (Clover Park; Santa Monica)

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Today, I learned just how easy it is to go to an event by yourself and mix and mingle with Kiwis (who are, in my opinion, ten times easier and more fun to talk to than Americans since they’re extremely friendly). Yes, you can network and start building connections in CA even when planning to move 6,500 miles away.

Things learned:

  • Kiwi speak is literally the same as British speak (i.e. bangers, chips, biscuits, rubbers, lollis, shops)
  • Chili bins is the Kiwi way to refer to an American cooler/ice chest
  • A small turkey is about $70 in NZ (WHAT)
  • A pair of Skechers runs easily $130 in NZ (WHAT WHAT)
  • The cost of living (i.e. clothing, food, rent, etc.) in NZ is way higher than that out here
  • I might die in NZ if I don’t learn to cook before October… eating out is hecka expensive
  • (These were already obvious but were reinforced after today) I’m talkative– a bit too talkative– and I speak too quickly. I was also poked fun at for flaunting obvious LOTR geek jewelry… I’m going to be known as this weird hobbit freak before I even fly to NZ if everyone spreads the word about me. 😉
  • The importance of putting yourself out there and joining as many associations/groups as you can to meet people when moving to a new country… true, it’s can be awkward showing up to something without knowing anyone, but everything ends up being so rewarding in the long run (such as today)
  • Kiwis love playing simple games involving gunboot and egg tossing, pinata hitting… fun for kids and adults
  • There’s a grand number of wonderful Kiwis living in LA. It was interesting to meet everyone when my life is flip-flopped from theirs, since most moved here from NZ
  • Lots of Kiwis who moved here ended up marrying an American and settling here. “Join a Lord of the Rings group out there… you might meet The One,” remarked most. Love me some Kiwis. 😉
  • Apparently a really famous Kiwi screenwriter was also at the picnic
  • Met a dude who worked on the LOTR films and knows Barrie Osborne and Mark Ordesky. It’s such a small world in NZ, and I love that… ❤

My last day in California is officially October 10– also my last day with The Walt Disney Company. I’ll be flying to Maui with my parents for a little vacation and then from Maui –> Honolulu –> Auckland come October 21 or 22.

Less than four months away. I’m giddy as can be.

One thought on “Kiwi Summer Lovin’

  1. Hi,
    Just wanted to let you know that I read your inspiring story on the ‘Ana-D’ website on the ‘my recovery story’ page. I’m not actually struggling with any eating disorders myself, but have infact recently become very interested in personal health and nutrition. Anyway then I saw that you were soon moving to NZ! Just thought it was exciting to think I may bump into you someday in the supermarket over here.
    Funny enough my dream is to make it over your way to travel and live, I’ve been America-bound for many years now, getting closer day by day I like to think.
    (Oh and PS- eating out isn’t all that expensive over here, so long as you find the decent priced quality places nearby, which you’ll find yourself eventually rather loyal too. It’s more about good quality, locally grown, fresh ,and nz made foods which is strangely quite inspiring I think and helps me personally appreciate food a lot more. At least all of these observations from my eyes anyway. )
    So enjoy this beautiful country as you’re lucky enough to explore it!
    Lizzy A


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