Fond Farewells and Last Days in the Golden State

It’s down to the wire: As I type this in the wee hours of the night on my last Monday in CA, it becomes a little more surreal that I’ll be leaving in a few days for Hawaii (and not coming back to CA for awhile). October 17, 2013 marks my last day with the Disneyland Resort as well as my last day in California until my vacation in Maui (and then my one-way flight to NZ).

Ensuring that my suitcases don’t exceed the weight limits, finalizing last-minute things, checking off things on lists, final Target runs… it’s a mixture of overwhelming excitement and nerves. Maui and Auckland/Wellington await…

September 24: Last event in Disney California Adventure Park with my favorite DJ, Jason Jass himself. 🙂 Working with our wonderful internal partners one last time, walking the event space and eating some delicious food (thanks, banquets team!) made for a memorable evening.

Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 11.55.55 PMScreen shot 2013-10-12 at 8.07.27 AMScreen shot 2013-10-14 at 12.00.15 AM

October 12: Going away party at Dave & Buster’s in Orange: High school reunion for a lot of friends, Disney overtakes the bar area, seeing my old high school band director again (love!), I realize that wearing 5-inch heels for about five hours is a stupid idea, yet again.  It’s in times like these that a girl is especially grateful and so blessed to have the friends and support network that she does. No matter what happens in my adventure, as long as I have the support and encouragement of my friends, I can do anything.


The importance of solitude is also vital when planning a huge move like this. As much as I love the company of friends and socialization, anything can get exhausting after awhile… it’s always essential to take time for yourself and just go on a few walks/runs (solo). Over the past few weekends, I’ve had plenty of quality “me” time to get away for a bit, experience Christmas in October, watch a few sunsets, ride a makeshift Hogwarts Express, splash in the rain (since there was sadly only one random day where it rained in OC), listen to favorite 40’s tunes, dine at some intimate cafes, enjoy Target and Costco while I can (sadly, none of those in NZ), and exploring bookstores.

These next few days are my last in California. I’m making them count. Thank you to all who have supported me for the past year that I’ve been planning this next chapter of my life!

Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 10.36.04 PM

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