Sidenote: Shout-out to Mrs. Ziff, my 7th/8th grade teacher, who embedded the word recapitulate into my mind… Everyone has different experiences when they travel. Here are some of my key experiences in the past two months of living in Wellington. Please note that the quirky, offbeat, surprising bullet points listed below are pretty much a window into my world.

  • When others drink alcohol, I usually can be seen drinking soda, lemon lime & bitters, water, or texting (as shown, even at the Weta Digital party). 1465237_10153589222440484_312779955_n
  • I mistook a little bird outside of our house as a blue penguin. If you see signs around that say, “Blue penguin crossing,” wouldn’t you think the same?! 558916_10151675106306652_161929182_n
  • Thanks to LinkedIn, e-mail, some lovely flatmates and Weta Digital, I’ve met one of the nicest people in NZ: Gino Acevedo.
  •  1455119_10151715625106652_118705607_n
  • I participated in the 2-3km Santa Run (which only is about 1.5 miles. PANSY-ESQUE) on the waterfront. In muggy weather with a non-breathable Santa costume, it was interesting.                                                              1422641_10151709335661652_1142807699_n
  • I’ve had quite the experience getting used to NZ food. Some dishes, like fish and chips (pictured), lamb, and steak have been quite enjoyable. Others… hmm.1456055_10151687640611652_287819010_n
  • I’ve been up close and personal with a Wallaby. 575376_10151685145061652_977805304_n
  • I’ve been up close and personal with a troll.                         1453556_10151671284666652_961978751_n
  • I stumbled upon some of the locations where The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed and could barely contain my excitement.                1456736_10151685142651652_1231318681_n
  • …same thing with Stone Street Studios, where the majority of things were shot. And Park Road Post Productions.                                1001598_10151671271546652_385124125_n998581_10151671282216652_1717400655_n
  • I’ve nommed at some of the same spots that the LOTR cast and crew love. 1001273_10151677499826652_293900684_n
  • A lot of the scenery around here looks like a forest, and I’m okay with that.       1461348_10151658343461652_618363565_n
  • Outside of summer, most days in Wellington are said to look like this (hooray rain!):1396012_10151656179801652_1271221328_n
  • Our housing complex looks something like this: 1451425_10151656181701652_381712035_n
  • Our backyard/front of the house looks like this:  1236272_10151648893226652_965873064_n1456688_10151656181426652_1108205487_n
  • I landed a full-time contracted role at Equestrian Sports NZ on the Showjumping team. My goal is to experience horseback riding before leaving NZ.  Jumping Logo Website
  • Some of the pigeons here are fat. REALLY fat. And no, this one isn’t just plumping out to keep himself warm… he didn’t have a neck when he stood up. 1395244_10151658341196652_726172139_n
  • Oriental Bay (minutes from Evans Bay, my niche) has a beautiful daytime and nighttime view:
  • 1455994_10151687643446652_2098451856_n1450115_10151675090496652_437525517_n
  • I flew JetStar from Auckland to Wellington and survived just fine.  Just don’t fly in July to Wellington or you might be in trouble.                           1451313_10151656172271652_139136865_n
  • There are spectacular lookout points everywhere you go in Wellington, whether central or more into the suburbs. And you don’t have to pay for these lookout points, either.                                                                        1425646_10151658348141652_1852559365_n
  • Some of the homes look like this:                            1450978_10151648915411652_1382462975_n
  • If you’re looking for a nice beach, hit up the suburbian/more remote locations. Otherwise, central Wellington and Auckland are a bit limited on mind-blowingly beautiful beaches.                                                                     1460257_10151656133121652_457832086_n
  • The first friendly face I met upon my arrival in NZ was Meghan Geliza, an acquaintance I had been in touch with prior to moving. Check out her work here— she’s phenomenal!                                                                 1454826_10151687382336652_523530879_n
  • I almost saw South Island in the distance through someone’s balcony (not viewable in this photo, but still).                                                        southislandalmost
  • New Zealand is, and always will be, stunning. Every traveler’s dream.1470159_10151672330406652_881258811_n

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