How a 9-5 Cubicle Dweller Like Me Travels the World . . . and Why

The very first travel blog I ended up loving before I set off on my journey of self-discovery… ends up being the same blog I go to for comfort.

And I’ve realize I relate on SO many different levels.

Thank you, Alli, for being positive reinforcement to others like myself who are more of the “travel planners” rather than the “I quit my job to travel the world” type. ❤


The Vintage Postcard

Throughout the overwhelming number of travel blogs out there, how many times have we all heard the spiel, “I quit my job to travel indefinitely around the world”? Too many to count. That is truly great for those who have taken the plunge and realized that is the way they want to see the world. But the blogs of those who wrote these statements would haunt and tease me endlessly in that they convinced me I wasn’t living life the best I could when my biggest passion in the world is travel. I truly thought that I wasn’t doing my life any justice by sitting back in a 9-5 cubicle dwelling job. I couldn’t stop the battle inside my head and it led me to write the most depressing post I’ve ever written. (Remember that one? I’d hyperlink it for you to read but I have since deleted it because…

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