My Anti-Bucket List

Do what you love and love what you do.

Not a day goes by where I don’t think about this phrase over and over again. And much thanks to Alli Blair (The Vintage Postcard), I’ve decided to create an anti-bucket list for the new year, just because it’s no fun to conform to the norm.


Why not talk about the present rather than allude to eventual death, which is the obvious implication of a “bucket list?” Here’s my take:

  • I will never babysit for a stranger. If it’s for someone I love dearly, I’ll consider. Otherwise… consider me too “selfish” for the role.
  • I will never travel to a third-world country solo. I’m logical, practical, and a realist… I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that on my own. With a best friend or partner in tow, SURE!
  • I will never let go of my organization and planning. I was born and bred an organization freak, despite my mom being the stark opposite (cringe). I’m not OCD, but I thrive off planning, compartmentalizing, and organizing things. Heck, my closet and drawers will always be color-coordinated… and when I get my own place, I’d organize my bookshelves and movies by color as well.
  • I will never have a “flash” (Kiwi slang) wedding. Stole this one from Alli, but it’s one that I relate to on every level… I’ve never been interested in spending gobs of money on one day, nor even the concept of marriage. If, by a miracle, I did marry, I’d want it to be beyond unique, crazy, creative and travel-themed, with everything made by myself and my future partner. I’m such a large planner and dreamer, nothing may ever live up to my expectations, which is half of why I’m not interested in the aspect of marriage.
  • I will never care about materialistic, designer crap. Especially after traveling. To me, it seems outright stupid to drop $200 on a purse when I could be dropping that on a roundtrip to somewhere exotic and new instead. Would I rather have new shoes or save the money for ziplining in another country? I’ll take the latter.
  • I will never allow my savings to dip below $1,000. They never have, and they never will. My parents already did me the gracious favor of funding my three years of college (plus college applications, plus high school extracurriculars, plus just about everything else)… for that reason, I want to be wise and independent with my finances in the same way that they have.
  • I will never smoke or try drugs. I am who I am. Don’t care what others think.
  • I will never buy alcohol at will for myself to keep in the house. I’m not saying that drinking is bad; I’ve just never had an interest, or acquired the taste, for it. And the only time I buy alcohol for a house is when I’m taking it over to a friend’s party, and 99% of the time I never drink it. My drink of choice is water. Yeah, H2O!
  • I will never be too old for root beer. Now that is my favorite type of beer. 😉
  • I will never outgrow my stuffed animals. So that alcohol that most people buy? Yeah, I tend to buy stuffed animals instead… only when they’re reasonably priced, of course.
  • I will never lose my love for Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. I’ve become gradually less obsessed, but both have helped shaped me into the person I am today, in more ways than one.
  • I will never lose my passion for writing. Well, as long as I write about things I want to write about, rather than boring business articles.
  • I will never outgrow my weirdness. Victoria, cue the “seal seal” sound and seal clapping here. I LOVE YOU, BFF!
  • I will never lose sight of who my closest true friends are. I can count them on one hand, because they’re the people who mean the most to me, and I’d die for them.
  • I will never advocate to save the world, abolish poverty, blah blah blah. To all who do fight for social justice and change to an extreme measure, good for you! But that is not me or even slightly for me. The most passionate issue close to my heart is saving arts, music and journalism programs in schools because of my love for all three… but I won’t die or lose sleep over it, sorry. Hilarious video of what I’m talking about is here.
  • I will never have a desire to be a CEO or entrepreneur. I grew up as a shy, modest girl that battled confidence issues (and still have some to this day). That CEO/entrepreneur route just ain’t fo’ me…

Inspired by Alli, with her post here. 🙂

6 thoughts on “My Anti-Bucket List

  1. “I will never be too old for root beer. Now that is my favorite type of beer.” hahaha definitely my favorite one. Great idea and perspective though on the whole anti-bucket list. And good looking blog as well. Glad I stumbled upon it!


  2. I love the idea of creating an “Anti-Bucket List.” While a traditional “Bucket List” or “List List” may be an inspiration for future accomplishments, an “Anti-Bucket List” is about the here and now. Just being present and true to yourself is an accomplishment in and of itself!


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