A Kiwi New Year: Cheers to 2014!

Written on January 1, 2014

We rang in 2014 by driving to Paihia to watch some fireworks on the waterfront. While they only lasted about 10 minutes, they were still beautiful. It was more of an experience to witness the heaps of young Maori out on the streets, intoxicated and yelling Happy New Year to everyone.

I’ve experienced downtown Wellington (Courtenay Place) before, and it hasn’t been my favorite… but Paihia on NYE was definitely a surprise to see so many clusters of people on the streets.

The family pointed out the vibrancy of the stars in the night sky, which was incredible. Looking up and seeing the stars in the first hours of 2014 was a beautiful thing in itself.

The girls groggily woke up around 5:30am on New Year’s Day to watch the sunrise in Paihia as well. We watched it on the pier, which was quite beautiful, and the best part was that it wasn’t incredibly chilly.

paihia1503820_10151768435921652_564223794_n  1544406_10151768435961652_1666501518_n1535563_10151768437056652_251488941_n

We also had breakfast at 35 Degrees, an aquarium/restaurant on the waterfront. A lovely first meal of 2014, as well! Even though it rained in the latter part of our breakfast, we still experienced all the moods of Mother Nature on January 1.

And as beautiful as NZ is, there honestly is no comparing to the food in Hawaii and California… or America in general. Not bashing, just saying. 😛

1509037_10151768437916652_600378797_n522406_10151768437471652_1851196177_nBacon and eggs. I miss American food... :(

Bacon and eggs. I miss American food… 😦

And I saw the most beautiful bench in the world… it was even chained to the ground.


Annie also drove us by Huruhuru Falls on the way back, which was a tiny waterfall (about half the size of Whangarei Falls), but still neat to see through the rainy car window. So many little treasures in the countryside of NZ….

That teeny thing in the middle is the waterfall. Yeah, this is from the car window.
That teeny thing in the middle is the waterfall. Yeah, this is from the car window.

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