South Island. Australia. Let’s Do This.

Let the planning begin… for a trip within my adventure here.


Because I’d be an absolute moron not to escape to SOUTH ISLAND, which, even moreso than Hobbiton, is the reason why I wanted to move to New Zealand. Mountainous ranges, heaps of sheep, picture-perfect scenes of nature, lakes, rivers, beaches, glaciers, fjord lands, forests, just about every adrenaline-pumping activity in the world… I bet serenity comes even easier there.

I need to be here already. Time is a-tickin’ and before I know it, my visa will expire. I want to make the most of this adventure and experience the beauty of NZ in a whole new island.

Queenstown. A tourist favorite.
Queenstown. A tourist favorite.


Oh, and this… because I’d be crazy to move to New Zealand without experiencing Australia. Time to stop oogling at photos and blogs and start living and experiencing!



Anyone have advice on where to go, which places to stay, where to eat, etc. in South Island and Australia? Is 3-4 weeks enough to cram enough adventuring in both South Island and Australia?  Thanks in advance!



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