Travel Longer & Break the Norm

Do you dream of traveling longer and documenting your adventures through a lens?


I’m extremely grateful for this lucky additional opportunity to have come about… thanks to the power of networking and LinkedIn (again). I’m a huge believer in the value of true relationships, partnerships, and networking, especially in the professional sectors.

Now, thanks to Travel Longer, I’m utilizing my experience in PR and social media… while living in New Zealand.


All information below is credited back to Travel Longer:

Travel Longer is the world’s premier extended travel & photography magazine — currently published exclusively on iTunes/Apple Newsstand for iPad, iPhone & iPod devices [soon to be released for Android devices on Google Play].
Travel Longer is a digital magazine aimed at people who love travel and photography, and who dream of traveling longer than the usual few weeks a year. It is a magazine for people who want to immerse themselves into the foreign cultures of distant and exotic lands and embrace the diversity of this most incredible planet we live on.
• Exclusive Interviews From The World’s Leading Travel Bloggers, Explorers & Professional Photographers
• Travel Planning Tips & Destination Guides
• Gear Reviews & Event Highlights
• High-Quality Photographic and HD Video Content
• Consistently Rated 5 Stars By Our Readers
Download Travel Longer for free HERE and check out our social media pages:

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