Kiwi Slang, Through the Words of Young Adventuress

Liz Carlson is a fellow travel blogger (just far, far more legit and amazing with her words… just see for yourself here). I stumbled upon her blog (along with thousands of others) after her photo of Hobbiton was re-grammed by Instagram. Her stories whilst traveling in NZ are far more wild, adventurous, exciting, and freeing than mine… she’s an inspiration. Read away here.

I’m re-blogging her post regarding Kiwi slang since I think everyone needs to read it and get a laugh from it… and it also may help shed light on my experiences with Kiwis to my friends and family back home in America.

And here I thought Hawaiian Pidgin English was confusing. Add their accent along with my mind’s tendency to wander off, and I end up saying,“Huh? Excuse me?” far too often.

Now, the reason why I’m called “Deebee” rather than “Debbi” should be understood.

Read Young Adventuress’ tales of being an American entrenched in Kiwi slang here. 


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