Overly Organized?

Can one be overly organized?

I never thought of myself as an obsessive Type A personality… until I moved to New Zealand. Ironic, right? The country with the most laid-back culture out of anywhere else?

Staying organized and planning is the way that I attempt to stay on top of my ever-so-scattered mind and its array of thoughts that consistently twirl through my mind. Perhaps this can be attributed to something Marshall Eriksen would do (anyone remember the How I Met Your Mother episode where he makes graphs for every little thing?), but it’s engrained in me.

Cue the significance of Google Drive.

We have one of those relationships where I love it and hate it (since I could spend every waking minute on a document or spreadsheet, continuously adding to it). In the bigger scheme of things, I think it’s the greatest thing ever invented. No need to open Microsoft Office programs anymore. No need to worry about saving anything consistently (so long as you have the internet). No need to wonder, “Where on earth did I save that file to?”

To me, Google is God. Anyone who has touched a computer in his/her life has been exposed to Google search engines, products, or apps in some way, shape, or form.

So it’s not a surprise that I have tons upon tons of schedules, spreadsheets, documents, bucket lists, finance sheets, etc. that I frequent in order to keep track of life’s littlest things (which end up being things most important to me, as cheeseball as that is).

I’ve come to realize that being organized is also different from being a planner who just doesn’t let go. Staying organized can mean keeping track of finances, ensuring things are color-coded, having a clean room with things neatly placed in their specific areas. Being a planner is amazing, but if you let it get ahold of your mind and never let go, it can engulf you in a world of worry.

Cue this amazing blog. Creative organization. Proof that you can combine a passion with organizing your life.

I guess the whole point of this is to say that it’s okay to be organized… even to the point of making spreadsheets and color-coding folders to the wee hours of the night. Yes, it’s okay to be unorganized, too… to each their own. Perhaps I’m just OOD (Overly Organized Debbi), not OCD.

Lover of all things Google Drive.
Lover of all things Google Drive.

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