Infinite Bliss is Possible

Follow your bliss.

I discovered Infinite Satori, this amazing travel, photography and self-discovery blog thanks to an amazing person I knew back in Orange County (who now heads up this global project based off social and interactive change).

The beauty in her words, the realism, the depth, the raw emotions, the truth – they were enough to compel me to re-share them with the rest of the web who may not have discovered her yet. The truly amazing part of her blog is that she writes and photographs to inspire you. Not to brand themselves, not to say, “My blog is better than yours!” and certainly not to just allow the blog to be a venting machine that so many of us (including myself) tend to do.

My personal favorite post of hers so far: 16 Most Important Things Every Woman Should Learn

Note: All thoughts and the photos associated with this post are from Infinite Satori herself, not my own.



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