Best of the Best Bloggers (IMHO)

Below is a list of my favorite blogs – in my humble opinion. I am not linking to them based on friendship/marketing/etc. – these are the sites I frequent most because I truly love their content and will always be fans of their writing.

I should note that the people below are those who inspire me – those who motivate me to continue writing, doodling, or doing whatever the heck I love doing most. Thank you to all of you below for inspiring me, even if you don’t realize you are.




  • The Vintage Postcard: All-time favorite blog that ultimately inspired me to write more. Follow Alli on her adventures around the world through her beautiful storytelling and wise travel wisdom!
  • Young Adventuress: Probably the most renowned travel blogger also traveling around New Zealand on a working holiday. Through her posts alone, I was sold on seeing South Island for the first time with Haka Tours.
  • Double Gap Year and Beyond: Tales of an inspiring, enthusiastic, and genuinely happy young traveler who had the opportunity to extend a gap year (pre-med school) from one to two.  She’s literally a bundle of joy (and so enjoyable to be around!). Beautiful anecdotes, photos, and ended up being a great friend here in Wellington as well.
  • Infinite Satori: An amazing blog recommended through a friend, containing the most profound, beautiful and intricate thoughts I’ve ever read on the web thus far. The beauty lies in her ability to connect to you – regardless of where you are in your life. “This blog is dedicated to you. I hope that it will inspire you to reinvent yourself, your life, to create your own path, to realize the immensity of your existence, to always do what makes you happy, to always chase your dreams, to live your life moment by moment, and to follow your bliss.”
  • Bucket List Publications: The all-inspiring Lesley, a loving mother, wife, daughter, and friend – her site has the power to motivate anyone to achieve every dream on their life bucket list.
  • Nomadic Matt: From articles on the best hostels to traveling on only $50/day, Nomadic Matt’s site is still one of my go-to resources when I need any and all questions answered instantly. Definitely a bookmark-worthy site to check religiously while pre, during, or post trips.


  • Catching Couture: Very proud to call this young lady my first high school mentor (a decade ago?! I feel old saying that). Michelle is a fabulously chic, artistic and vastly talented friend – and her blog is actually the only one I need to check when I need fashion inspiration. In my non-biased opinion, she is truly the best, most classy fashion blogger out there!

Creativity & Design

  • Lesley Myrick: Literally stumbled upon her creativity/design/art blog when Googling “creative inspiration.” A beautiful, colorful and innovative site bound to inspire all art enthusiasts to pick up their pens, paints, and white paper and get back to what they love.
  • I Heart Organizing: For any color-coding, spreadsheet, folder-heavy neat freak like me, this is a really flash blog for fresh ideas on turning your possessions into beautiful art organizations.
  • Moragot’s Art: Part 1 of my flatmates. Incredibly talented 3D animator and designer.
  • Kelly’s Art: Part 2 of my flatmates. Also incredibly talented as a lighting TD, animator and designer.
  • Dash Arts: Fabricator and sculptor with an array of experience in various Disney, Universal Studios, Weta, etc. projects. The talent in Wellington is sometimes surreal and mind-boggling here.
  • Crummet Creatures: Sculpture and creature designer – beautiful masterpieces, even if they are creatures.
  • Zagadka: I don’t really know what else to say for this one, because Mark is a visionary. You know, one of those people you meet and you instantly know he’s a legend. His models on his blog speak for themselves.

Creative agency/PR/social media/personal branding/career coaching

  • Matt Prince: This guy is either God himself or he is a God… because he’s a full-blown powerbot. Taken from his bio: He founded a creative agency, launched three successful blogs read in over 100 countries, led the communications department for one of the most influential business organizations in California and was tapped as an executive speech writer for one of the most famous brands in the world – all by age 27. Twenty years from now, I’ll be honored if this guy even remembers the rapid-talking weirdo who did an informational meeting with him just to learn more about his career.

Do you have any favorite blogs you frequent? Fire away – the more reading content, the better! 

4 thoughts on “Best of the Best Bloggers (IMHO)

  1. Aww Debbbiiiii! You are far too kind – and giving me way too much credit! Thanks so much for those kinds words. I love frequently coming to your blog and reading what you have recently cooked up. You really are an amazing writer and I love how tuned into your emotions you are. It’s so honest and I really appreciate that. ❤


    1. Aw, thank you – and the same goes to you! 🙂 You REALLY put so much thought and effort into your site, and it truly shows. It’ll be absolutely worth it to run into you someday, since you’re the person I look up to most when it comes to writing and blogging away! 🙂


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