GoPro or Go Home

I’m a pretty lousy photographer. I also embarrass myself frequently when flailing my arms in the air to pose for selfies.

I still do it for lack of care how touristy and – dare I say it – Asian – I seem. I’m not letting $500NZD* on my GoPro Hero 3+ ever go to waste.

It’s been three months into playing around with it. The verdict? At least there’s no longer a huge hand in the photos.

The unparalleled beauty of New Zealand is captured best, in my opinion, through the fish eye-esque lens of a GoPro, even moreso than other DSLR photos I’ve seen. I absolutely LOVE my GoPro and will undoubtedly take hundreds, or even thousands, of photos/videos while on my upcoming vacation (which is basically in two days).

Yeah, it’s pretty much a vacation from a vacation.

This is how life should be lived. 

*I will convince anyone that every single penny is worth investing in a GoPro if you travel extensively. I highly advise researching and buying it before your trip, though – don’t pull a newbie traveler move like myself and think, “Oh, I don’t really need it.” If in doubt, invest in one. The GoPro will force you out of your comfort zone and give you a reason to travel longer, more often, and to capture crazy moments like jumping off a bridge. Literally. 


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