Pray For I.V.

My heart is heavy with sadness. Philippe’s beautiful piece in wake of this event is a reminder of my old home that I will never forget…


A prayer for my home, Isla Vista, in the wake of an unthinkable tragedy.

Isla Vista is my home. This is a strong statement from somebody who has lived quite nomadically. There’s no other place on Earth where I’ve felt such a sense of belonging as the square mile right next to the UCSB campus.

I remember arriving as a Freshman in 2008, looking to find a place in my new home. I remember living on Camino del Sur sophomore year, and the red beach cruiser that would carry me through its streets into the apartments of newly made friends who I remain close to up until now. I remember that third year, where I knew enough people to manage couch surfing for an entire quarter. That experience turned acquaintances into good friends, and that’s how I really got to know Deanna. And then there was that magnificent Senior Year at the Love…

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