Winter Musings

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(Winter. A suitable song for this post, being that: (1) Melbourne is getting a freezing winter right now; (2) It’s my favorite track off Kina Grannis’ new album; (3) I bought my front-row ticket to Kina’s concert today. Rejoice.)

Nearly eight months ago, I convinced myself that travel was my ultimate passion and dream. I kickstarted this blog for fun, in hopes of sharing my silly stories with my family and close friends. But in all honesty, I didn’t think anyone would really make time to sit down and read each post, except one.

I used to think I wanted to try and craft myself into a travel blogger.


Yeah, right.

My introverted, humble, non-showy personality is absolutely not meant for that (to the same effect of my college dreams of being a talent agent in entertainment PR). To some extent, I compare a career in travel to my stint with Disney – while it was a great opportunity, I sadly lost a bit a lot of the pixie dust after working in different facets of the company. I would never want to get “too worn out” to travel and truly be happy.

I’ve had many opportunities lately to think long and hard about what truly makes me happy, what my heart really loves (and needs), and what my purpose is in life (again – I always seem to change direction). I even re-evaluated the purpose of this blog. Well, I know its main purpose is to write for myself first and foremost because that’s when I’m able to pour my heart into a piece.

Living in Melbourne has sparked my creative juices tenfold – it’s Wellington on steroids. So much more to see, do, explore, eat (no offense, Wellington, but Melbourne’s food whips your ass), shop, listen to… it’s an artist’s haven.

Writing, creating, and listening to music are the three things that leave me smiling here in Melbourne. In such a beautiful city, I’ve still taken 99% of my time to meditate and focus on myself for good measures*.

*To all those humorous friends back home who think I should start my own YouTube “travel channel,” if you spent a day with me traveling on this side of the world, you’d see how Grandma Debs really lives out her days on trains and sleeping in a hostel room of 12 girls (will elaborate later). I’m pretty boring and ordinary.

HOWEVER. I would love to help inspire others with my words and visuals – none of that, “If you can dream it, you can do it,” cheesy crap, either. Sorry, but more often than not, you have to fall flat on your face and cry and get scarred before you even achieve your dreams in a heartbeat. I don’t believe in posting inspirational quotes just for the hell of it, because those just serve as depressants at times.

In sum: I would love to introduce others to creatively inspirational contacts that I’ve had the opportunity to meet in the world. I don’t want to blog for a career, I want to blog for myself and for the people who matter the most to me in my life. My travels aren’t going to be forever – while I’m sure I’ll occasionally travel, I’m also ready to pour my all into a job that encompasses both writing and art, two things I love most. Perhaps this is just the 42-year old in me talking or something… 😉

As I experience my first-ever “winter in summer” (being that it’s roasting hot back in California), I end this with my disclaimer: My story isn’t being fully told– those other details remain a beautiful secret, but the direction of this blog is turning to be more creatively inspiring (whether through travel, art, writing, music, etc.) thanks to this. And there’s nothing like a fresh, clean start to winter – my favorite season of the year.

748. More changes to come. 


5 thoughts on “Winter Musings

    1. Yes! And this is why people like YOU inspire me – travel is amazing, but it’s only one small piece of the pie. Enjoy your time in South Korea, eat more, explore more – so excited for you!


      1. Absolutely agree, I am from Brisbane myself and have started really making the most of my city. My weekends used to consist of just drinking and then going back to work mon-fri, I now get out and about as much as possible and I didn’t realize how much there was to do if you just look.

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