The Great (Long) Ocean Road

Thanks to Julia and Vishal, I saw The Great Ocean Road in my second week of Melbourne (a month ago now). Despite the little bits of rain in the morning, we still had a great view of The Twelve Apostles. Great company, great conversations – and all thanks to a random friendship in a hostel.

It was pretty spectacular, although I must say that my months in New Zealand spoiled me – it didn’t feel like it was anything new in particular. Bash me on the head if you want to, but I’m sure Kiwis are out there blushing… NEW ZEALAND IS FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. Sometimes I’m not even sure if Australia compares in terms of natural beauty.

If you’re limited on time between NZ and AUS, my advice is to just hit up similar (if not better) scenic places in NZ. Melbourne’s Great Ocean Road is nice, but not even half as stunning as the stuff throughout the entire country of NZ.

Photos of the following: Anglesea, Lorne, Apollo Bay, and The Twelve Apostles (I didn’t realize the Apostles are hella, hella far from Melbourne CBD).

Photo credit: The ever-so-kind Vishal, who drove us back and forth, fed us, entertained us, and played tour guide. Damn!

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