2014: A Hobbit’s Tale in Review

I’m no pro at filming, editing, or video-making, but I’m trying… 

An extremely condensed reflection on my 2014, from New Zealand to Australia and beyond.

Mree – “Lift Me Up” and “Night Owl”

Disclaimer: All videos are my own (as if you couldn’t tell, with all the shaky footage), and it took me about five different tries to make the smallest-sized version of this. Weta Digital people, show me your ways…

There were far more things I wanted to include, as well as friends, but chose to only use selected video footage. To all of you who were part of my journey this past year – thank you, from every part of my heart. Here’s to a new year – new adventures, new countries, and new challenges!

7 thoughts on “2014: A Hobbit’s Tale in Review

  1. Debbi, I am so amazed by you. This video is fantastic–thank you for letting us take this journey with you! I’m so glad you are safe and having a great time. You teach me so much. Sending you much love and warm wishes for a new year filled with health, peace, and joy.


    1. Jen! Thanks, and I cannot wait to read your forthcoming blogs – please, please, please write to your heart’s content! 🙂 I’m going to be a very avid reader of your material, you know it…


        1. Thank you so much for sharing – that was so inspirational. The message, the video, the editing – stunning and so deep. Definitely a great video for all to see!


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