Seattle Sightings

If I had to pick a place to live in America other than Hawaii, I would pick Seattle.

Hands down.


It’s a bit shameful for me to admit that my first time in Seattle was recent. It was a quick, planned trip as well, but every day was worthwhile and amazing. The people were great, the food was stellar (beyond stellar), the environment was so beautiful. As an avid lover of all things nature, Seattle was like a home away from home, a mini New Zealand. The weather gods were exceptionally kind to me, since we had pure sun and blue skies throughout the long weekend.

It helped that I had an expert tour guide (best friend works for Boeing) and another friend who moved to the city last year, so I was shown all the best places to eat, sightsee, and just take in. They also introduced me to all of their friends, and their friends’ friends, meaning it was a long weekend full of names I mixed up. Well, also names I finally was able to match to faces after (good) stories heard on their behalf.


I love food. I love food so much, I love it more than guys (seriously). And if a place has amazing food, I instantly fall in love. Seattle is KNOWN for their food, especially the diverse selection. My trusty tour guide certainly didn’t disappoint when it came to all things food. Seattle, you are love.


Chihuly Garden & Glass was beyond beautiful – it’s like a national treasure. Nothing compares to seeing the colors swirl together in delicate harmony, the way each glass is blown strategically to nestle alongside another like a perfect puzzle piece, the extravagance of each exhibit and the grandeur of each wall hanging and ceiling art. Nothing compares to seeing it in person – photos can’t even convey how fantastic it is.

Some of my favorite exhibits were the colorful boat (modeled after a Japanese era, I believe) as well as the outdoor garden, which apparently comes to life and lights up at night. It also helps that this attraction is conveniently located next to the Space Needle – probably the iconic landmark of Seattle itself.


Pike Place Market is another national treasure – and one of the best markets in the world. From the fish throwing demonstration to the numerous rows of fresh-baked goods and homemade soaps (among other things), it was truly a traveler’s heaven. Very similar to outdoor markets in Melbourne, except a lot more narrow rows and a bit more variety.

Final note: Piroshkis are heavenly. Definitely could eat those every day in Seattle if I lived there, which would be so dangerous.


We also ventured to Columbia Sky View Observatory for beautiful panoramic views of downtown Seattle and beyond, since the tower was higher than Space Needle itself. Definitely worth the view and expensive parking. 🙂

Kerry Park was one of my favorite lookout points, especially since it was located in Lower Queen Anne, a very wealthy community. On a clear day, you can see the outline of Mount Rainier – and it just so happened to be exceptionally clear on the day we went.

We also ventured to Fremont, home of the infamous troll under the bridge, which I was told (by my handy dandy tour guide!) was erected in order to help the community become more tourist-friendly.


Did I note that all of the above attractions were done in ONE DAY? Props to Jannae for planning this all out flawlessly. 😉 We ended our first evening with a delicious dinner at Bongos and a beautiful walk around Green Lake, which practically solidified the fact that I wanted to move there just to live in the trees like that.

See below for even more beautiful photos of our adventures – including a Pentatonix concert at the Washington State Fair, Snoqualmie Falls hike, and Gasworks Park.

I didn’t capture many moments of a beer Olympics party that J’s friends all held in honor of two birthdays, but it was definitely the largest people-gathering I’ve been to since I turned 21. That makes me sound like such a hermit.


As if the food wasn’t enough, Seattle clearly has some of the best landscapes in all of America. If you wanted to do a photoshoot in pure nature, Washington would be one of the best places to go. I absolutely loved the small-town hipster vibes from certain communities – and by hipster, I also mean that trees and a woodsy-atmosphere always bordered. And the air was so much cleaner than in California. Seattle, you are a natural beauty!


Special thanks to Jannae & friends for hosting me, as well as for being the coolest crowd to hang out with in Seattle. 

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