Really, Railay?!

In an attempt to start posting more (see, this is why I’m NOT a travel blogger – I’m too lazy and value my sleep too much), I’m going to take a page from Philippe Lazaro’s book and try to post really brief posts that sum up something in particular. It’s just way too time-consuming for me to write novels about one particular adventure (I could, but again, I want to sleep).

Seeing that I had a week off to “settle in” to my new life in Surat Thani, Thailand, I did what any expat would do – take off and venture to the beaches. Surat Thani is in southern Thailand and the gateway to some of the nicest beaches in the world (supposedly), so I wanted to see for myself.


First up: Railay Beach in Krabi. Not impressed. Krabi was a 3.5 bus trip from Surat (a pleasant journey with A/C and reclining seats. However, when the longtail boat docked, I was disappointed. Turquoise waters? Not really. Beach bliss? Not to me – Phranang Cave Beach had so many people cramped into the small space that I actually felt a little part of me die inside. I am NOT a people person (I would spend my life with animals only if I could), so my heart told me to move on.


The penis cave was just so strange.


I explored the entire east (ghetto) and west (fancier, but not really) side of Railay to make the most of it, but the highlight to me were the towering limestone caves and cliffs. Such beauty.


Most people climb them (Celina! Your dream!) but I didn’t feel like it (I blame the crowds), so maybe another time. By that, I mean probably never, since this is low season – and if this is too many people for me to handle, I can’t imagine high season. Working at Disneyland seriously ruined me. BUT, at least I experienced it – I just happened to visit the most popular beach in Thailand right off the bat (with crappy weather). As a sidenote, I tried to cut out as many people as I could when I took photos.


So I high-tailed it (in the longtail boat) back to Aonang, and now resting up here for the evening. Next stop: Ko Lanta (Koh Lanta? I don’t understand the variations). I’ve read that it’s extremely serene and quiet, so in other words, perfect for a homebody like me. I’m so excited.

Edit – Never mind, I talk and write too much. So much for short posts. All errors are attributed to this being done on my phone.

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