Seeing Khanom Through My Eyes

The first time I visited Khanom, I only went to Jam Bay – at the recommendation of other teachers.

hated it. That’s a strong statement, I know.

With that aside, I spontaneously re-visited Khanom via motorbike (instead of bus) to give it a second chance.

loved it. That’s because I stayed far away from Jam Bay (bar, hippies, tourist stuff, etc.).

Here’s why I probably didn’t like my first visit: I like to be far away from people. Whereas I was amazed by my social network when I first got here, I’ve since reverted to my introverted, solo traveler ways. I opt to do things on my own again, staying in to read/blog/eat and rarely go out – that’s simply who I am. I really can’t be in relationships, since I spend more time alone than anyone else I’ve ever met. 

Don't bother me, I'm too busy being happy on my own
Don’t bother me, I’m too busy being happy on my own

Jam Bay seems to cater to English teachers getting drunk, and that’s just not my thing. It reminded me of the beach in Nadi, Fiji (except that one was better), and I’ve gotta say that the beaches in California beat Jam Bay any day. If you really want to be amazed, hit up the northern bays in the city – avoid Khanom/Jam Bay.



Giant lightbulb washed ashore - pretty sure I visited at the worst possible season
Giant lightbulb washed ashore – pretty sure I visited at the worst possible season
Underwhelming & not white sand at all
Underwhelming & not white sand at all

Khanom is only an hour away by bike, therefore making it the closest beach to us in Surat. I’ve learned that buses here exist, but they’re not entirely effective. Sometimes I’d be dropped off but then would be clueless on how to get back, and I’ve definitely been caught in sketchy situations in terms of routes back (and as a girl alone, that’s not fun – and sadly this is the only country where I’ve felt like I don’t trust some of the transport). Point learned – one’s motorbike is the fastest, most efficient mode of transportation. When I first visited Khanom, the minibus dropped me off in the middle of sleepy Khanom town, which is a bore.

With my motorbike, I was able to explore the entire perimeter of Khanom’s beautiful area without melting in the humidity. Below are some photos why I now love Khanom – all thanks to the freedom of my bike and avoiding anywhere that English teachers hang out (I clearly will be single forever at this rate).

Waterfall (I couldn’t find its actual name on Google and just followed the random sign, like I usually do – which meant that I have no idea what it’s actually called)


Where the light is shining: Could be interpreted as Buddha or Santa Claus, according to my guide. Ha!
The most adorable bat species of all time – kitti – Thailand’s smallest. The photo is crap, but they’re insanely cute in person. I wanted to adopt one…

Khao Wang Thong CaveIMG_7273IMG_7274IMG_7276IMG_7279IMG_7281IMG_7283IMG_7292IMG_7298IMG_7303IMG_7306IMG_7312IMG_7314IMG_7321IMG_7328IMG_7336IMG_7353

Thong Ching Bay

For the first time in two years, my heart actually felt like I’ve found a place similar to Wellington. Not nearly the same (especially weather-wise), but I definitely was in awe of the rolling green hills and aqua waters that reminded me so much of my favorite country in the world: New Zealand.


Nangkam Beach


Jedi Coral Toupe (spelled wrong, but I remember the Jedi Coral part of the sign)


Stunning views
Stunning views
Cool litle moth
Cool litle moth


Plus, Khanom is known for being home to pink dolphins. How cool is that?! I guess they saying is true – “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” because Khanom now has my heart after a second visit. It’s all about exploring and finding those worthwhile gems that suit your travel desires, I suppose.

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