London, I Love You

It’s 1:30am and I’m trying to recap my first day in London to the best of my ability. 

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT HERE. It could quite possibly be my favourite city in the world now. After all, I wanted to LIVE here when I was 6… had dreams of studying abroad here (and my parents wisely told me to save my own money so I wouldn’t be in debt), and always wanted to be British. 

My heart is so happy right now. 

The flight was a breeze – I also think it was the easiest and fastest check-in process of my life, despite it being LAX and one of the busiest travel periods of the year. I scored the best seat I’ve ever had- right in back of first class- with supreme amounts of leg room and the entire row to myself. Hot damn. 

It was a bit harrowing to navigate the London Underground system for the first time, but now that I’ve hopped on and off buses and trains today, it’s pretty simple. Far less crowded and not as perplex as Japan, at least. AND THOSE DOUBLE-DECKER BUSES. How are they so red and shiny and beautiful?! 

I’m staying in a quiet part of Westminster (still about 30 min. walking distance from Westminster Abbey), but it’s still beautiful. The architecture of all the homes and buildings are my favourite – I’ve always been obsessed with English history and architecture. I don’t know why it took me so long to get out here, but I know it won’t be my last time visiting. Can I just live here already?!

I squashed a bunch of stuff into my first night because nighttime is my absolute favourite part of the day. I was in awe when I got to Big Ben. It looks so much more stunning in person than in photos and on the Peter Pan attraction (ha!). I can honestly say that it’s my favourite landmark I’ve seen (even over the Sydney Opera House). It’s just so BEAUTIFUL. 

London Eye is neat as well. The River Thames is amazing in the evening – I’m stoked to ring in the new year on it while on my first river cruise with some of my favourite people ever.

 I rode a double-decker bus, gaped in astonishment at the beauty of King’s Cross Station (MAN, that is a glam station), stood in an hour queue to take a photo in front of Platform 9 3/4 (a must), ran across Millennium Bridge (I geeked out because it was always shown in the Harry Potter films), and somehow found nearly all the glittering Christmas light displays on all the famous streets I saw online: Oxford St., Bond St., Seven Dials, Piccadilly Circus, Southbank Centre… literally my slice of heaven. Christmastime will always be my favourite time of the year, so I’m really excited that I’m spending the season (the aftermath, at least) in this beautiful place. 

I just can’t believe it took me this long to come here. And the chilly weather is sensational. It’s my favourite. ❤

Cheers to a few more weeks here and to reunite with amazing people! This trip of my dreams has finally come to fruition. 😍

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