A Tale of the Best NYE in History

7 friends.

1 river cruise. 

Location: London. 

It’s probably going to be impossible to top NYE 2016/2017. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to celebrate the occasion (thanks heaps for organising this, Sarah!) – all fellow crew members together (and one BFF of our friend)- on a river cruise along the Thames. Oh, the irony. 

However, we’re just lucky we made it onto the boat in the first place. The best stories are when things wrong – and half the day revolved around that. Overall, everything was a good laugh. From the worst possible AirBnb I picked (it was a lovely room… it was just about an hour away from central London, which wasn’t ideal, we had no hot water, and three drunk flatmates in another room barrelled in while we tried to sleep) to getting so lost 1.5 hours before we had to board the cruise (we made it with about a minute to spare due to the horrible directions), there was a lot of chaos going on. 

The last day of 2016 ended up being the best one yet – it was a reunion of 7 of some of my closest mates on our last ship. We even spontaneously met up with Ally, a killer bassist who just happened to have free time before a gig in central London, and we couldn’t contain our excitement when we all reunited in the pub – ON LAND. IN ANOTHER COUNTRY. It was quite exciting for Harrison and I, since we were the American visitors who actually flew out specifically for NYE in London with everyone. My heart was bursting with happiness yet again. It felt so surreal to catch up with people in a different country – without any time constraints (no IPM, drills, table tennis, etc.) to fret over. FREEDOM! 

One of my good friends spent the day with me before we did the river cruise. It was lovely, since it turned into more of a historical education tour of some of the sites I had just bypassed earlier (Buckingham Palace, St. James Palace, etc.) – I clearly don’t know anything about world history. 

I’ll never forget coming up the escalator in the Blackfriars station and literally screaming (it echoed) at the sight of Joe and Ruth, two of my all-time favourites on the Jewel. I wanted to cry of happiness, since I had been counting down to this reunion for so long – and because it was my lifelong dream to come here. Experiencing London with all of them – and ringing in the new year and a fresh start – was just so perfect. So, so perfect. 

When it finally came to the alcohol and food-packed cruise (max capacity was 180), we were pretty much all floating on life (no pun intended). We were lucky that it wasn’t that cold on the open deck – and we had a stunning side view of the fireworks from the London Eye. I was so busy trying to take pictures that I couldn’t tell if they bypassed Disney’s in person. But when reviewing BBC’s footage, they definitely blow Disney out of the water. Every single bit of getting a splitting alcohol-induced headache and losing most of my voice was worth it. 


Sarah, Joe, Lewis, Ruth, Harrison, Hannah, Ally – love you all and thanks for being a part of this epic NYE!

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