More Tales from London

Yesterday, most of us parted ways after two (for some of us, three) glorious days together. I didn’t expect for our massive group (as of yesterday, it was 11) to actually be able to stick together for the entire day, let alone multiple days (without getting lost) – but we all did it! Amazing. 

While the majority of the others slept in, three of us played tourist (the two others are from England but never did tourist stuff here) and went up to The View from the Shard – 800 ft/244m, London’s tallest building. It was probably the best building viewpoint I’ve been to yet, since London is such a beautiful city (even with grey skies). It would have looked even more stunning at night, but I’ll save that for the London Eye next time. 

I dragged Ruth and Jack to Leadenhall Market after, in search of Harry Potter filming locations/inspirations. Built in 1881, the market is Victorian-style and stunning – and I was enamoured by the intricate art and designs everywhere decorating the archways and ceilings. I’m so in love with the architecture and European buildings here. 

We amassed our group of 11 together again for lunch in Southbank (Wagamamas!), followed by a lot of pub hopping, catching up, and The Woman in Black play (a two-man show, absolutely cheap but such a good production since it was full of jump scares and way better than the film). It was bittersweet to end the day with a late-night dinner at TGI Friday’s (the irony of going to an American chain in London – because Nando’s on Shandos had sadly shut for the evening, haha). 

The past few days were amazing, and the memories will last forever – especially since it’s highly unlikely that our group (let alone a group this big) will ever reunite in another city off a ship ever again. Especially considering that two of us (Harrison and myself) flew out here to meet up as well. Everything worked out so perfectly, and it was like no time had passed between any of us. It was just so surreal – there’s no other word to describe it. 

As Tyler Azzopardi always says – FRIENDSHIP PREVAILS ❤ #squadgoals

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