Brighton & Overall Reflections

Brighton is absolutely stunning. I’ve always wanted to visit, but I stupidly only planned a day for it – next time, I’d love to visit in the summer. 

Extremely similar to Paradise Pier and Santa Monica Pier, Brighton Pier features heavenly aromas of churros, fish and chips, janky carnival attractions, a bunch of kitschy souvenirs, and a heap of arcade games. 

However, that’s not my favourite part about Brighton. The Lanes – those are exceptional. I forgot that I was in England because it seemed so similar to Melbourne. North Laine, Royal Lane, etc. – one just flowed into another. There were rows and rows of shops adorned with leftover Christmas lights and all sorts of random items being sold (clothing, furniture, records, bags- everything except street food, because there were restaurants upon restaurants lining each row anyway). 

The colourful beach huts aren’t so colourful compared to the ones in Brighton, AUS – and they’re actually in Hove, not in Brighton itself. Still lovely, but the ones in Australia are decorated far more eccentric and with cooler designs (like the Aussie flag, Pacman, pinup girls). 

I had my first fish and chips meal here, and it was honestly the best fish and chips I’ve ever had in my life. It blew everything in Australia and NZ out of the water (sorry, mates). I’m still not used to the massive portions here – I was expecting half the size of American portions, but no, I think the UK is copying us and just giving way too much food as a generous deed. And being the fatty I am, I also topped it off with a cookie and ice cream – except that the girl misheard and gave me two scoops of ice cream rather than one, so I basically was super healthy today. Right. 

Everything at night was also lovely – I love exploring in the brisk, cold air the most since I absolutely love lights and how the landscape completely changes. The vibe of the beach, pier, and laneways was completely different at night as opposed to during the day. 

Just a quick reflection on this trip in general – it’s been 10 days since being in England and I absolutely love it (in case the photos and heart emojis don’t give that away already). 

It’s a funny feeling – now that I don’t really have anyone else I’m planning to meet up with (aside from Amy! And some of the Irish folk <3), I feel a bit empty. It’s still quite strange to have gone from a reunion with 15 of my ship friends, to some quality time with my best friend, to a tour of Southampton- to being on my own again. Almost like I had to keep saying bye to people in bits and pieces, one by one, as we all parted ways (and we don’t really know when we’ll all see each other again in this capacity, sadly). 

I’m off to Oxford tomorrow- and I’m sure I’ll revisit Brighton again in the future since it’s probably now one of my favourite cities. 

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