York: City of History

York is like of a hybrid of Southampton and Cambridge, except I like Cambridge the most out of the three. 

It’s a stunning city (there’s really no other word to describe them because I love all of them). It’s also known as the City of History, especially with ruins of walls from the 1800s at the entrance of the city centre. In that sense, it parallels the Southampton walls that seem to border the main hub of the city – but the walls and cathedrals are about ten times more ornate than the ones in Southampton.

Even the railway station is stunning. Not quite like the caliber of King’s Cross, but it’s definitely more ornate than the ones I’m used to seeing. I’m still obsessed with trains and absolutely love riding them because they’re so relaxing. 

I absolutely love how there are historical walls and castle ruins set up as entrances to the city centre – while modern hotels and buildings border them. Of course, like most of England, most of the homes and buildings are Victorian-style and extremely lovely from an architectural standpoint. It’s still really neat to see the juxtaposition of old vs. new. 

Since it was extremely foggy and misty today, hardly any people were out – or perhaps I’m finally seeing how quiet it can be in the wintertime. It was particularly eerie walking around at 8pm when the wet, cold streets were practically empty. This made for amazing photo opportunities, but I couldn’t help but feel like I was walking through scenes of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. 

I’ve realised that my attention span runs dry after I’ve walked the borders of a city centre. While I’d love to hop around to as many towns and villages bordering these main cities, it all involves time and money – so I don’t really have a “perfect” itinerary. After walking in repetitive circles upon seeing all the main sights of York (York Minster, The Shambles Market, Clifford’s Tower, Millennium Bridge, New Walk, etc.), I decided that I’d make a day trip out of Hull tomorrow to reunite with yet another person from ships. 

Once again, my favourite part of York is the expansive parks and walks along the river. And once again, I kept coming back to the River Ouse – because I can’t stay away from waterfronts and any open stretches of water. It’s just so calming, especially in the evenings – it’s where I do most of my reflections and where I find myself happiest. I also loved the Barrack’s Wall, which you can walk along and peer over the streets of the city – almost like roaming as a knight guarding an actual castle. I’ll never stop being fascinated with all the historical signage, plaques, and monuments on each building and Wall that depict which Duke/Duchess/Her Majesty/etc. used to live in that particular spot or laid that particular stone. 

America has none of this. Neither does any other country I’ve been to, which is why I’m so intrigued. I don’t know if I’ve ever taken so many photos in my life, and I’m okay with that – it’s the main reason I bought a new camera specifically for this dream trip. 

Thanks for the memories, York. Until next time… Xx

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