Lake District: Keswick

(Written Jan. 29)

Oh my God. 

I might say this about every new place I visit in the UK. However, the Lake District in northwest England, is probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. 

I can’t stop raving about it. 

In many ways, it’s (once again) similar to Lake Wanaka and Queenstown, NZ… but it’s also so different. When I was riding the bus from Penrith to Keswick, I knew I was in for a treat. The towering snow-capped mountains were bordered with hues of red, golden yellow, green, brown, and amber down below. 

The scenery basically looks like a rainbow from afar, or one of those absolutely perfect paintings. 

Keswick’s town centre is filled with cute little Victorian-styled shops and boutiques. The only downside was arriving on a Sunday, when nearly everything shut early (except for some pubs), and I was forced to buy groceries from a 24-hr. local convenience store (still totally fine – it’s food, right?). 

And the biggest fish and chips ever. Mmmmm. I have the worst diet ever and probably put on a couple stones whilst here in the last month… sigh. 

I spent the day walking around Derwentwater Lake and then climbed the Castlepoint Viewpoint, a super simple hike to the top that overlooked the lake. It’s impossible to NOT look in any direction and see beauty here. 

Since it was pretty crowded around the lake during the day (it is, after all, a world-famous national park and the UK’s biggest), I went back to Crow Park at night when all the stars were out. I was by myself, in pure bliss, for stretches of miles of the grass and the pebbles along the lake. I stayed out there for a good 2 hours before my fingers turned numb (despite buying new thermal gloves). I’ve gotten used to the extreme wind chill in the evenings, just as long as I have three coats, my fluffy fur scarf, and two layers of trousers (I could probably do with another layer as well). Sometimes I don’t feel cold at all, and other times, the chill just goes through your bones. I love it. I live for cold weather! 

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