Lake District: Windermere, Ambleside, Grasmere

I’m still in heaven out here. 

How can one national park be so stunning? I passed by a bookshop today and noticed a book on all the films that were filmed out in Cumbria (Lake District) – Harry Potter and Star Wars: The Force Awakens included. I’m not surprised!

Derwentwater Lake – in Star Wars. Yeeeeee

For future reference, and to anyone travelling to the UK, it’s best to stay out here for at least a week to try and see a bulk of the lakes. It’s impossible to see everything, especially when things are so spread out, but there’s an amazingly cheap 7-day bus pass that costs almost the same as the price for two days on the pass. Again, WHY DID I NOT RESEARCH ALL THIS BEFOREHAND. *facepalm*

The cool thing about the bus pass is that you can hop on and off as many times as necessary throughout the day for a steal of a deal. 

I went to Ambleside first, based on the recommendation of a friend – and it definitely was lovely. It’s a quaint, cute little town with a stunning forest path (Stockghyll Force) leading to beautiful waterfalls. The town is about 20 min to Waterhead, one of the many lakes (obviously – look at the name of this place). 

I tried to allocate my time wisely since I wanted to bulk of the day for Windermere, having read that it was the best lake. However, I might not have seen it in all its glory, but Windermere was actually my least favourite. Bowness-on-Windermere, the main bus stop next to Lake Windermere, was not my cup of tea, primarily because there were flocks upon flocks of Asian tourists feeding ducks and swarming the lake and river cruises. 

I felt ran away to the nearest path away from the hub, and then hopped on the bus back to Windermere Village to climb Orrest Head, which had a lovely panoramic view at the top. 

On the way down, I made friends with a donkey and horse, which was a definite highlight. 

Grasmere was a random village I was told to visit, and it ended up being my favourite, even more than Ambleside’s cute layout. It’s famous for William Wordsworth’s cottage and its gingerbread – which I excitedly tried and absolutely loved (it was a biscuit and nuts and gingery goodness all in one, for super cheap). Grasmere gingerbread was invented in 1854 by Sarah Nelson and is based out of a 1630s school building. It’s absolutely lovely. 

I wasn’t successful in finding the nearest lake to Grasmere (other than the bordering river), but I just loved taking photos of the beautiful shops and hotels that were based out of historical cottages and buildings. Grasmere is basically everything you’d expect in a little English village – really similar to the posh market town of Lymington in Southampton. 

And of course, I went back to Derwentwater Lake in Keswick tonight. It’s just so beautiful, especially in the evening when you’re the only one in a sprawling space of green grass and it’s just you in solitude, looking out at the lake and the little traces of lights of homes in the distance. Absolutely no worries and no thoughts of work or stress or anything of the matter. 

I’m going to miss this feeling so much. I want to live in the Lake District forever (I think I’ve said that about every place I’ve been to, though). 

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