Lake District: Elterwater, Langdale, Chapel Stile

I spent my third and final day in the Lake District (far too short) in the South Lakes region again. Everything down south is always better/posher/etc. generally… 😉

It poured rain the entirety of the day, but I was okay with that since I absolutely love the rain. It’s only rained 3-4 days out of my 34 total days here, which is pretty incredible. This whole week is forecast to be showering sporadically though, so alas, I welcome the typical UK weather. 

I followed the advice of the Windermere visitor’s centre by taking a bus out to Elterwater and then walking to Langdale. It was absolutely worth the almost 2-hour transport time. A worker at my hostel advised that I do Borrowdale Valley, which definitely got stellar reviews on Google, but I noticed that there wasn’t a bordering river or lake nearby – so I didn’t really want to potter around in just fields and basins. To be fair, I’m sure that part of the northern region is gorgeous, but I’m also pretty stubborn on knowing what kinds of landscapes I’m into. 

Langdale is incredible. I don’t think many tourists frequent it, especially since the visitor’s centre lady mentioned that it’s a quiet little picturesque village away from the hubbub of Windermere. The fog that surrounded the towering mountains was just so incredible – I’m pretty sure I got off the bus with my jaw open. The red and golden foliage scattered throughout the mountains is just gorgeous. I really wish I could paint a picture with my words, but it’s so hard to describe – I can’t even begin to summarise how beautiful it all is out here. 

There were so many walking trails along the river, back to Ambleside, toward Chapel Stile, and more – I always get so overwhelmed and don’t know which trail to take, because I just want to explore them all. I swear that I’d walk and hike for days and days and days in national parks and gardens if I could. That makes me sound so boring… #whydebbiissingle

Somewhere between the trail from Elterwater to Chapel Stile, I passed multiple huge rock quarries – truly astonishing sights to see. I’ve never seen anything like it (there were some in Thailand, but dirt quarries), and I definitely felt like Frodo, Sam, and Gollum peering at the Black Gates of Mordor. Heck, walking through the woods reminded me of all my walks in New Zealand. Can you blame me for seeing the parallels between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings wherever I go? 

The UK is so similar to New Zealand. I’m convinced that they’re the most beautiful countries in the world that I’ve seen thus far (Canada, as well – I have a lot to explore out there). 

I also passed through BaysBrown Farm Campsite, on the bottom of Chapel Stile and Langdale Valley. It was hilarious how the groups of sheep just stared as I walked past, since I was one of few walkers on the trail. I adore the sheep here – they’re different from the ones in NZ (both types are adorable). They just have a tendency to stop and stare at you – for ages. One kept running ahead of me on the trail, then kept looking back at me, then would repeat the process until he finally got bored and sauntered off. He was like my personal tour guide for awhile, especially when there were so many forks in the road for paths to take. Sheep must know best…

My shoes, trousers, backpack, and socks were absolutely drenched from the rain (even though I had an umbrella, rain cover, and an Arcteryx jacket, wtf), so it was complete bliss to finally get back to my hostel in Keswick after another 2 hours. 

Success of a day, in all. Gutted that I’m leaving so soon (again)… tomorrow is going to be wicked insane. I don’t know why I’m cramming in two major cities (Manchester and Liverpool) in one day, but that’s just due to my utter stupidity. Cest la vie!

Sidenote – Canon camera app is awful and not connecting, so my jank iPhone photos have to accompany these posts now. And all my excessive typos are due to writing every night toward midnight, so half of this is just so I don’t forget my memories – the other half is my nonsensical ramblings with horrid errors and too-lazy-to-Google-histories-of-beautiful-places- self. Ta! 

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