Frozen Solid in Swansea

Apparently a cold spell has swept over the UK in February. According to my weather app, it hovered around 2-3 degrees Celsius today but “felt like -4.” Not THAT cold, but with the 24 km/hr winds, oh blimey. 

My face hurt. 

I looked forward to today since I knew I was seeing a lovely friend of mine (our Hotel Director’s sister) who attends Swansea University. We had the best brunch ever – savoury crepes and waffles (I resisted the urged to go for the Nutella chocoholic one, considering that I eat Nutella sandwiches every day). I’ve had smoked salmon so many times out here, I might become one. It’s my faaaaavourite. 

I didn’t get out to The Gower Peninsula since the cold was almost unbearable, and because I wouldn’t have had enough daylight by the time I made it out there. The tides were really low, so the coastline was also rocky and muddy, unlike the summer picturesque landscapes of this seaside city that are posted everywhere. Still a lovely place, but just a different view with the fog and ice cold air… 

Ellie suggested that I walk around the Mumbles for a bit (hilarious name), an area quite close to the city centre and dotted with cute cafes and the Oystermouth Castle. I probably lasted an hour walking along the coast until I turned around and hopped back on the bus to get some warmth. 

Swansea Market was a lovely little indoor market filled with produce, baked goods, and an array of clothing and general item stalls. I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the marina quarter, including the National Waterfront Museum (which actually focused on the Welsh timeline of industry and innovation rather than maritime). All the museums out here are so high-tech with their touch screens and interactive displays. 

And I’ll end this with a picture of the cool Swansea Castle ruins – right in the middle of the city, again. Pretty divine. 

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