Cardiff: Six Nations Time

Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, is a compact place with everything you need in one space. 

Rows of shopping lanes and arcades; countless pattisseries and restaurants, cafes, and pubs; a waterfront (Cardiff Bay!); a beautiful arts and events centre; and lots more. I spent the morning just wandering about per usual and wound up along Mermaid Quay, the posh waterfront section of the city. My happy place, always. I saw the Doctor Who Experience building from afar (didn’t bother going in since I never watched the show). I was quite pleased to discover that Ronald Dahl, a Cardiff-born author (and one of my favourites), has a large open public space dedicated to him – the Roald Dahl Plass – directly in front of the beautifully-designed Millennium  Centre. Star status. 

I finally had a date to afternoon tea – a lovely friend from the PJ (expect nothing less, these are where 99% of my UK friends are from). It was a wonderful catch-up day along with coffee, walking around the main shopping complex, and getting a glimpse of her stunning wedding dress in photos. 

She also introduced me to Hamley’s – very similar to Harrod’s (at least the typography and design of the store) – an upscale toy store with the cutest plushies ever. Gutted that I probably don’t have room for a stuffed animal before I come home – but you know I’m definitely going to find a way to buy one anyway. 

The Six Nations rugby world championships – Wales v England game- is being held at the Millennium Stadium tomorrow. Right across the street from my hostel. It’s gonna be an insane weekend. It also cost me more to stay in this hostel for one night than it did for a night at a hotel. Blimey. I’ve been told that the atmosphere is utter chaos, similar to the Sevens in New Zealand. I’ll just roam around the streets and then quietly crawl into bed sober, because I’m too boring to dare enter a pub alone and start cheering for a sport in which I don’t even understand the rules. 

Aaaaaand I booked my first flights for the beginning of my Europe trip (outside of the UK at least). After a solid 2 hours of just staring blankly at the huge map and 500+ pg. Lonely Planet book in front of me, I finally got a general idea of what route I’m taking (thanks once again, Ben). I’m terribly excited but so stoked to be extending my trip. Everything happens for a reason?

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