Cardiff’s Biggest Night of the Year

Wales lost (sorry, Wales) the big Six Nations match against England today. I experienced how the city came alive (supposedly Cardiff’s biggest night of the year) and it wasn’t as insane as I thought it would be. Probably because I hail from a country where people riot and start fires when a team loses OR wins (good grief, America). 

The atmosphere was an experience, to say the least. It was on a pretty small scale compared to even game nights at UC Santa Barbara, but that’s just because Cardiff only has a population of about 340,000 anyway. People clad in red scarves, attire, wigs, animal onesies, cross-dressers, Welsh dragon dresses… typical rugby match stuff. Every pub I passed was PACKED to the brim, to the point in which I enjoyed just walking around and observing from the outside. No thank you to being smushed with everyone drinking and roaring or cheering everytime someone scored. 

It was over within 1.5 hours (very short indeed), but I spent the next hour walking around in circles talking to a good friend on the phone. It was like wading my way through lighter Disneyland crowds and realising that Cardiff’s city centre took only about 5 minutes to walk its entirety. That’s probably why I’m a little gutted that I’m here for three days (that’s a massive amount) rather than using these days for Ireland. It’s a nice city, but let’s just say that I’m in favour of Snowdonia National Park the most out of everywhere in Wales. I’m so, so excited for Ireland. 

This was probably the most unadventurous, boring day of my trip thus far as well. I spent it in the Cardiff Library from opening until closing. I think the workers at the computer desk must have thought I had no life (and no money) to be sat on the computer for that long. It was gruelling trying to map out a potential route for March until mid-April in Europe, but I managed to come up with a general idea for now. And in any case, it comforts me that I won’t be going home in just 2 weeks – I have about 8 more weeks of travel now! Because, when in Rome (soon to be literal, HA), ya just YOLO and go… 

If I had it my way, I’d do a different city every single day on a whirlwind tour similar to Contiki (never actually on that bus, good God), but I don’t have that kind of money – nor the patience to be organising a route like that. In the future, hopefully. I’m gutted to be missing Spain and Portugal and all of Eastern Europe, but after calculating travel times, I had to cut half the places. I narrowed it down to Germany (just Berlin), Greece, Italy, and Paris – but might be flying into a few other places if I can swing it. YAY, EUROPE!

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